Is Apple Right to Pull Apps Due to User-Generated Content?


Apple’s App Store is actively moderated. That is simply a fact of operating on iOS that developers and users have learned to live with over the past few years. There have been times where Apple’s judgement has been called in to question before, and Apple has typically yielded to the desires of their customers.

One of the quickest ways to get an app pulled or blocked from the App Store is to allow users to access pornography. Steve Jobs himself wanted the iPad to be “porn-free.” 500px, a popular website for photography (more along the lines of this, not that), recently had their iPhone app pulled from the Store. In addition, controversy has arisen surrounding Vine, a new way to share video, for similar reasons. (more…)

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iOS 6.1 Hints at 128 GB Devices Coming Soon

While iOS 6.1 may be light on new features, there is at least one bit of interesting data included: there is a 128 GB system partition key in the BuildManifest. This information comes via Twitter user @iNeal:

What exactly does this mean? For starters, it seems likely that at least one iDevice will be receiving 128 GB of flash storage in the near future. The inclusion of this key suggests that Apple is testing what will become public software on internal prototypes, which would in turn suggest that those prototypes are at least relatively close to being finalized. (more…)

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iOS 6.1 Beta 5 is the Final Build, if Apple Releases It


iOS 6.1 beta 5 came out yesterday to a general sense of disappointment: most expected that Apple would be pushing a Golden Master version, which would indicate that a full release was merely days away. Once that final version was pushed to the public, it seemed all but inevitable that an untethered iOS 6.1 jailbreak would be released.

With this beta 5 release, it seems as if the timeline for a jailbreak has been pushed back slightly – but maybe not as long as many believed yesterday.

The famous MuscleNerd tweeted the following, basically confirming that beta 5 could be pushed as the final, publicly available build: (more…)

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iOS 6.1 Beta 5 Seeded to Developers

Thanks, Apple. As countless users of the latest iOS devices anxiously await the release of iOS 6.1 and its jailbreak, Apple has tonight seeded another beta of said iteration and it appears a public release may be a little further away than we expected.

The most disappointing aspect of this release is that we will likely see an iOS 6 jailbreak soon after iOS 6.1 is released to the public. iOS 6.1 beta 4 was going to expire two days from now, and most hoped to see at least a GM version of the update.

Luckily, Apple has in the past released an iOS update (iOS 3.1) to the public straight out of a beta — without a golden master at all. And as Stefan Esser (@i0n1c) has noted on Twitter, we should hold hope because beta 5 has “the build ID of a final, not that of a beta.”

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Check Out This iTunes MiniPlayer Concept

2013-01-25 16_28_02-Sentry teases video for upcoming ‘iOS MiniPlayer’ tweak

From the developer of famous jailbreak tweak Auxo comes a new concept video — this time of a clever iTunes MiniPlayer tweak that is purportedly “coming soon.” Known on as “Sentry” in the jailbreak community, this developer is also responsible for some of the most popular iOS concept videos on YouTube.

I encourage you to watch the video (after the break) for yourself, but the idea is essentially a widget-like interface that you can pull out from the side of your device to gain access to a simple iTunes controller not unlike the mini player we all know and love from iTunes.

According to the video description, the tweak is not only a concept, but a work in progress. Sentry is working with @Sirifl0w and @SmartviperE75 to release the tweak on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch “soon.” (more…)

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iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Could Be Imminent


The future of jailbreaking is looking very bright, alright. A series of tweets from popular jailbreak developers such as MuscleNerd, planetbeing and pod2g suggest that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 could be poised for an imminent release. This is when Apple releases the iOS 6.1 software update, of course, which is currently in its fourth beta version. The update could drop in less than a week(more…)

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The Future of Jailbreaking is “Looking Bright”

Today is a great day as some news surfaces on Twitter about the status of the long-awaited iOS 6 jailbreak. Famous iOS hacker @planetbeing last night tweeted that he has made some significant progress towards a jailbreak for the newer iOS devices and that the future is “looking bright.” He also tweeted a few days ago showing that he and @pod2g are collaborating on the effort.

Pod2g has finally released his first App Store application, and evidenced by the tweet above, has a little more time on his hands to spend on working on a jailbreak.

What exactly these tweets mean is yet to be seen, but we do know that we won’t be seeing a jailbreak until iOS 6.1 is released. Luckily, as we posted yesterday, iOS 6.1 is probably just around the corner. That doesn’t mean that a jailbreak for said software will also be available, but evidenced by what we’ve seen so far, a jailbreak will in all likelihood be coming eventually. Before iOS 7 at the very least.

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Hide Those Pesky Default Apps Using the Newsstand Glitch


Yesterday, we posted about a SpringBoard glitch that allows you to move any apps that you want into the Newsstand folder. Apparently, this glitch has also brought to light various other methods of achieving jailbreak-like effects on standard Apple firmware. iDownloadBlog has today posted another tutorial showing a simple modification to the Newsstand glitch that will allow you to hide apps completely, rather than just putting them in the Newsstand folder.

Performing this glitch is only a simple modification to the steps that allowed you to put your apps in Newsstand. Instead of tapping and holding the app that you want in Newsstand, you put all the apps you want to hide in a folder (as shown above) and perform the same steps. After the folder containing those apps is in Newssstand, all it takes is a reboot or a respring and those apps will disappear. To bring them back, simply reboot or respring once more.


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iOS 6.1 Might Be Less Than a Week Away

iOS-6-1-logoMuch of the iOS community is awaiting the next incremental revision of Apple’s mobile operating system, version 6.1. Developers have had their hands on beta builds of the update since early November, but we’re now on beta 4 and going on February — a release has not up to this point been anywhere in sight.

That is, until early this morning. Famous iPhone hacker Stefan Esser, better known as “i0n1c” has made a good point via his twitter feed. The tweet reads as follows:

This isn’t exactly new or astonishing information, but it does remind us of one thing: Apple will be releasing a new build of iOS in 6 days or less. That release could potentially be iOS 6.1 Beta 5, or a final, official release of iOS 6.1. Only time will tell. Follow after the break for quick overview of known 6.1 features. (more…)

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Forum Spotlight: Create Custom Icons, No Jailbreak or Internet Connection Required

iphone configuration utility

Chalk another one up to our brilliant forum members, though this one comes from user chickenmatt5. While another forum members, dancerdudes, had previously written a guide that accomplished the same goal, an internet connection was required for it to work. With this method, however, everything is locally on the device and so it works fine when a connection isn’t present.

The process is fairly straight-forward, with only eight steps total and plenty of screenshots to guide even the most naïve user along. This method relies on the use of Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility and custom profiles. It’s perfect for changing the icon of those few app icons that look hand-drawn by a third grader.

You will find the guide here. (more…)

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