Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is Invisible and Flexible

corning gorilla glass 3

In an interview with Bloomberg yesterday, Corning CEO Wendell Weeks revealed the next-generation of its famed Gorilla Glass. One of the Gorilla Glass panels shown in the interview is treated with some kind of coating that makes the panel completely non-reflective. It seems as if the treated area is invisible to the human eyes in the images shown above.┬áThe second panel demonstrated is a flexible type of glass which can bend to conform to any angle. It looks like it’s made out of plastic if you watch the demo, but Weeks affirms that the panel is made of glass.

Corning Inc. is famous for its Gorilla Glass, but the company has been around for over 160 years and offers different ranges of industrial glasswork. They’ve just had record fourth quarter earnings and are expected to grow by two to three times in the next few years. Weeks attributes the the growth to increased demands for Gorilla Glass. He also believes that Windows 8 notebooks and tablets will drive up demands for larger LCD glass panels.

Jump past the break for the video demo (requires Adobe Flash). (more…)

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David vs. Goliath: An Interview With James Siminoff, Chief Inventor of POP

From success, to failure, to an unlikely turn of events, Edison Jr.’s team of engineers and designers successfully changed Apple’s draconian terms of service and guided an interesting and innovative accessory to fruition.

Pop with iPad

A few months ago, the tech blogosphere was abuzz with a Kickstarter project that promised to create an attractive and useful way to power multiple gadgets and devices from multiple different manufacturers. Called the Point of Power – POP, for short – the device quickly blew past its funding goal of $50,000, and ended at $139,170. With the signs of a success on their hands, the team of designers and engineers at Edison Jr. quickly began work. The team, led by James Serminoff, aimed to create a device that was both superior in design and functionality to the competition.

However, just a few days ago the POP team received word that Apple was more or less killing their project by refusing them a license to the Lightning connector. (more…)

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Geohot: “I Hack Because I’m Bored”

David Kushner for The New Yorker has written a lengthy and detailed profile on infamous iPhone hacker George Hotz, better known by his online handle “geohot.” If you are unfamiliar with Hotz, he showed off the first unlocked iPhone in the world in 2007, auctioning it off for a then brand new Nissan 350Z sports car and three new iPhones. Yes, a three-fifty-zed. Wow.

In the years to follow, he worked on numerous different jailbreaking methods such as limera1n for the iPhone and iPod touch. Then, in 2011, he landed himself in hot water when he was sued by Sony for hacking the PlayStation 3 gaming system. Following the lawsuit, George Hotz was confirmed to be working for Facebook, but has since left that position and reemerged in the hacking community. (more…)

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Interview with iOS Hacker and Cydia Dev Ryan Petrich

iFans had the opportunity to touch base with Ryan Petrich, an iOS hacker and leading developer in the jailbreaking community. Petrich has created dozens of useful tweaks for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, all of which are obtainable through Cydia, and is perhaps best known for developing the insanely popular jailbreak tweak Activator. You might also know Petrich for ContactPrivacy, his temporary solution to the Path app privacy controversy, or for running the successful TweakWeek project on Cydia last year. Everything you could possibly want to know about Petrich, including his interesting stance on piracy in the jailbreaking ecosystem, can be found ahead in our exclusive interview… (more…)

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Sitting Down with Jailbreak Developer Filippo Bigarella

iFans had an opportunity to sit down with jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, an Italian student that has released over a dozen tweaks, mods, and utilities on Cydia. Just last year, Bigarella was involved in Ryan Petrich’s TweakWeek event that required him to develop and release one brand new Cydia tweak per day for one week. Bigarella is perhaps best known for his release of Springtomize, a tweak that lets you customize nearly every aspect of your iOS device. Check out what Bigarella had to say ahead… (more…)

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