iOS 7 Would Like to Wish You a Happy Birthday


The first iOS 7 beta has been around for a little over a week now, and new hidden features continue to pour in. The latest of these is a screenshot shared on Reddit of the iOS notification center wishing a user a happy birthday.

As you probably know, notification center within iOS 7 is now separated into three tabs: “today,” “all,” and missed.” The above notification is based on your iCloud or Facebook account birthday and displays under the “today” tab.


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Gallery: Opening Day at Berlin Apple Store

Apple Store Berlin

If anyone thought that Apple was beginning to lose its allure, that mantra certainly hasn’t made its way to Germany yet. The first Apple Store in Berlin, the nation’s capital, opened on Friday morning local time. And, despite there being ten other Apple retail locations in the country, the crowds outside the store were massive. iFans forum member lauNchD was on scene in Berlin to take some photos of the excitement for us, and we’ve got the full gallery after the break.  (more…)

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Watch This: Yet Another Detailed iOS 7 Concept

iOS 7 Concept Main

We’ve got to hand it to designer F. Bianco, as his vision of what iOS 7 should look like in these conceptual screenshots and video is impeccable. While some of the mock features are ones that we’ve seen in previous concepts — namely quick access toggles and improved sharing functionality — Bianco also shares interesting ideas in Mission Control for iPhone and iPad, a security feature called iSafe, and native Safari downloading. Is this how you imagine iOS 7?


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Have Your Say: What Do You Think of These iMac-Inspired iPhones?

iMac iPhone

While rumors continue to circulate about a forthcoming low-budget iPhone, it’s not exactly clear what materials Apple will use to design the handset. We’ve heard that polycarbonate plastic might be used, akin to Galaxy smartphones, which has led to these iMac G3-inspired mockups by Nickolay Lamm and Matteo Gianni. I personally think the translucent, colorful plastic looks great, and nostalgically reminds me of the rainbow iMacs in the late 1990s.

[MVC via Business Insider via 9to5Mac]

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Gallery: The Best iOS 6 Jailbroken Screenshots

1 Theme

A fully themed iPhone 5 lock screen and home screen by iFans forum member rosssimpson.

Now that the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak has been released, and overwhelming Cydia traffic has slowed, users have been able to customize and tweak their freshly jailbroken devices far beyond what Apple would ever allow. As a result, we have already seen some pretty awesome iOS 6 jailbroken screenshots. Check out some of our favorite themed and tweaked iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices in our complete gallery ahead. Feel free to post yours, too.


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Check Out this Imgur Library of iPhone 5 Wallpapers

2013-01-18 21_14_20-iPhone Wallpapers - Imgur

Yeah, there are definitely a bunch of free apps that will serve you a buffet of wallpapers, but I found this library of over 300 beautiful iPhone 5 wallpapers absolutely astounding. Reddit user “croutonsalad” is to be credited for this collection, however the photos are not his. The album features many different images from many different sources.

2013-01-18 21_34_25-iPhone Wallpapers - Imgur

What’s unique about this album, though, is that the user has weeded out most of the garbage images that you find in the free wallpaper apps. Each and every one of these images are absolutely beautiful and worthy of my iPhone’s lock screen. Hit the source link below and sync ‘em up via iTunes, or if you’re on your iPhone or 5th generation iPod touch, save them directly to your camera roll.

And if you need more, point your browser over to the official iFans wallpaper page to find forum threads containing backgrounds for any device.

[Imgur via Reddit]

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40 Impressive Photos Taken with Smartphones

40 Impressive Photos Taken with Smartphones via The Loop

Nousheen Aquil for Noupe writes:

Smartphones have become an important element of our daily life, more important than their predecessors, the good old traditional mobile phones, to be honest. Smartphones can do so much more. They are your camera, organizer, music player, audio- or video-recorder and even replace our PCs or laptops to some extent. In this collection, we are showcasing photographs that have been captured using different smartphones.

These pictures are not only impressive because they were taken with a smartphone, but also because most of them are creative shots or odd scenes. The smartphone has become a modern day point-and-shoot camera for a significant amount of people, and it’s hard to blame them when you consider that devices like the latest iPhone and Galaxy S III pack cameras with 8-megapixel sensors. Can you classify yourself as an on-the-go photographer with your iPhone or other smartphone?

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How Ironic: Model Kate Upton Spotted with iPhone at Samsung Event

It’s great that Samsung was able to get Kate Upton on hand for the launch of the Galaxy Note tablet, but perhaps the South Korean firm forgot to give her the memo that its company is currently involved in one of the most significant patent infringement trials in history with Apple. In other words, the last thing the Galaxy Note maker wants to hear about or see is the iPhone. In rather humorous fashion, however, Upton is seen posing for a picture at the Galaxy Note event with an iPhone on the couch beside her next to her purse. Oh, the irony.

[The Loop]

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Image of Purported Mini Sync Cable For iPhone Surfaces

Image of Purported Mini Sync Cable For iPhone Surfaces

This could very well be the new sync cable for the next-generation iPhone and future iPod touch and iPad models. The sync cable has a smaller docking port as rumored for several months, breaking away from the legacy 30-pin dock connector that Apple has used for the past decade or so. Let’s just hope that rumors claiming Apple will make an adapter available for new-to-old sync cables is true so that thousands of iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories are not rendered utterly useless. We’re sure Apple has been prepared for this transition to a smaller dock connector for quite some time, so we trust they will make the right moves.

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‘iPad Mini’ to Look Like Larger iPod Touch According to Schematics

Despite numerous part leaks surrounding the purported next-generation iPhone, rumors about the so-called “iPad mini” have been scarce until now. It has now been learned by 9to5Mac that the smaller 7.85-inch iPad will likely resemble a larger iPod touch with thinner bezels along the screen and seperate volume buttons instead of a “rocker” switch like the fourth-generation iPod touch has.

The smaller iPad is also expected to have a microphone on the back of the tablet, redesigned speaker grills and the smaller dock connector that we’ve been hearing about for weeks. Additional mockups of the iPad mini suggest that the tablet also has rear- and front-facing cameras akin to the current 9.7-inch iPad, while the headphone jack and power button appear to remain on the top of the tablet.

It has been rumored that Apple will release the iPad mini alongside its next-generation iPhone at a special media event on September 12th. The iPad mini is expected to compete with tablets in the entry level market including Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet. More iPad mini designs and schematics are just ahead. Do you think there is a need for the iPad mini? (more…)

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