Cydia: CodeScrambler Scrambles the Lock Screen Passcode Keypad

A new jailbreak tweak called CodeScrambler is set to hit Cydia soon for iPhone and iPod touch, the work of developers “JQ-” and “Its_not_herpes.” CodeScrambler was created to rearrange the numbers on the iOS lock screen’s passcode keypad for extra security.

By rearranging the numbers, this jailbreak tweak can throw off people who watch you enter your passcode. So if someone has been watching you tap the bottom center portion of your keypad, and assumes you’ve entered the passcode “0000,” they’ve actually been tricked.  The developer notes that there is a 1 in 10 chance of each number landing on the same square again.

CodeScrambler will be hitting the BigBoss repository in a few days, costing an honest 99 cents. The Glasklart HD theme is not included with the package.

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Who’s Behind @UnthreadedJB?

UnthreadedjbA couple of weeks ago a new untethered jailbreak emerged from the depths. It was created to jailbreak firmware that do not currently have an untethered jailbreak (like 5.1 on pre-A5 devices like the iPhone 4). It wasn’t made by any known jailbreak developer like p0sixninja or Comex. Or was it? I don’t know the answer to that question, but it’s highly unlikely. Why would a famous developer hide behind an alias? So who’s behind it? (more…)

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Lockdown Pro 3.1 Now Available in Cydia

Lockdown1 Lockdown Pro 2

Lockdown Pro, an effective solution for password protecting iOS applications and folders, has been updated with an entirely new user interface — including better animations and images. The popular jailbreak tweak, compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 4 through iOS 6, gains a number of new features in version 3.1.

Specifically, Lockdown Pro 3.1 now has 256 bit encryption for privacy and security, a new Activator action for opening a hidden apps view, core stability updates, bug fixes and more. The jailbreak tweak is available on Cydia for $4.99. A complete change log is posted ahead.  (more…)

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Try Eric Castro’s LyricFlow (Beta) Tweak Right Now

In April, we told you about an awesome tweak called LyricFlow that brings an iTunes 11-like cover flow experience to iOS. Today, its developer Eric Castro tells us that the tweak is finally in beta – and you can try it right now!

“[The tweak is] highly focused on aesthetics, visual effects, and simplicity,” Castro claims. “Interface color scheme matches album artwork as seen in iTunes 11. By the way: effects and transitions are WAY smoother in the real app. But this was the best quality and FPS I could get using Display Recorder.”

iTunes 11 introduced a new interface that detects the colors used in album art to create an aesthetically pleasing way to listen to music. LyricFlow is Casto’s attempt at recreating this experience for iOS and, after months of hard work, it appears the initial builds are ready for public testing.

To get a better idea of how the tweak works–and get a look at its beauty–be sure to watch the teaser video embedded  after the break. And if you have a hankering for free buggy software, the instructions to grabbing the LyricFlow beta can also be found below. (more…)

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Orangered is a Reddit Notification Tweak for iPhone


Reddit apps are aplenty for the iPhone, but all of them have one thing in common: they can’t send notifications of Reddit messages due to certain API restrictions. This infrastructure simply doesn’t exist yet on Reddit, but well-to-do iOS developer Julian Weiss (@insanji) has created a workaround called Orangered. It comes in the form of a jailbreak tweak available for iOS 6.

Orangered is a dynamic, virtually seamless way to unite iOS and Reddit in perfect harmony. Using programically-tight methods of retrieving, processing, and presenting Reddit information, Orangered is the best way to stay on top of your inbox. After proving your identity, this jailbreak tweak (for devices running a supported version of iOS) will automatically check your Reddit inbox for unread messages and replies. Put in your ideal checking interval (how long you want Orangered to wait before checking your inbox again, in minutes or hours), save your information, and let Orangered works its magic. Never think about your new posts, comments, or mentions again.

iFans forum member Half-Life has been beta testing the tweak, and has supplied the YouTube video which Julian himself has included on the tweak’s landing page. The tweak is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 6 and should also be compatible with iOS 5–although there are no guarantees. You can purchase Orangered on Cydia via the BigBoss repo for $0.99. Find the video of the tweak after the break. (more…)

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Deus Ex: We Are Sorry But You Can’t Fire on Jailbroken Devices

Deus Ex

iFans forum member nekomichi writes:

If [Deus Ex] detects that the device is jailbroken, the trigger function is disabled throughout the entire game, making gameplay almost impossible. Although this was done in an attempt to discourage software piracy, the trigger-lock is actually applied to all jailbroken devices, even if the user has legitimately paid and purchased the game from the App Store.

This is a highly controversial move by Deus Ex developer Square Enix, as there are many users that have purchased this app and also choose to legally jailbreak their iOS devices. Fortunately, users can install the jailbreak tweak xCon from the ModMyi repository on Cydia to bypass the jailbreak detection. Do you think game publishers have a right to set restrictions like this?

[Forum Thread]

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Giffy Lets You View Gifs in is pretty good at viewing photos, but what about animated images? As you most likely know, these photos are most commonly saved in .gif format. As you may also know, you can save these photos to your camera roll. Sadly, though, you can’t actually view them (yes, I know you can view them if sent as a text message). This doesn’t help much because when viewing them in, they’re just a still placeholder. You can’t even tell that they’re gifs unless you send them.

But for those of you still hanging out on Apple supported–but jailbroken–iOS 6, there’s a tweak to fix that. It’s available on Cydia store right now for $0.99 and it’s called Giffy.You can use it to view gifs within the native Photos app, or at any other time your device pulls up the image picker. Once installed, there’s nothing to configure.

Worth 99 cents or not? You decide.

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StatusTab Replaces Pull Down Tab in Fullscreen Apps, Makes a Lot of Sense

cydiaWhen playing a game or using another fullscreen app, there are undoubtedly situations when you want to see your device’s status bar or read notifications. Currently, Apple has in place a small tab that makes sure you don’t do this on accident while playing that fast-paced racing game. That’s all fine and dandy, but what could we–or jailbreak developers, in this case–do to improve it?

Rotation Lock on Status Bar

StatusTab is a tweak that replaces that little tab with the status bar itself. If you want to see your notifications, you can pull down to view the status bar, and then pull down once again to view notification center. This is an improvement because, if all you want to do is see how much battery you have left, you can do so at a glance without interrupting your game. If this tweak sounds interesting to you (and you haven’t moved to an iOS 7 beta yet), head over to the BigBoss repo on Cydia and grab it for free.

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iOS 6 Theme Preview: Aplo

Aplo Theme Cydia

While the iOS 7 betas are upon us, there remains a significant number of users that are still running iOS 6 on their iPhone or iPod touch. iOS 6 also happens to be the last software version with a publicly released jailbreak, which allows users to install themes, tweaks and other modifications on their devices.

Looking to cater to those users that remain jailbroken, graphic designer and concept artist Sentry has returned to the scene with a preview of a new iPhone theme called Aplo. The theme takes a simplistic approach to the stock and third-party apps, although with more depth and shadowing than the iOS 7 flat appearance.  (more…)

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Jailbreak Tweak PredictiveKeyboard Launches on Cydia


PredictiveKeyboard is one of the latest iOS jailbreak tweaks to arrive on scene, bringing auto-completion functionality to the stock keyboard on iPhone and iPod touch. As you are typing a message in the compose field in any app where the keyboard is activated, PredictiveKeyboard will try to guess the last word you are typing before you complete it.

For instance, as seen in the screenshot above, the letters “milli” were enough to prompt the following three predictions: million, millionaire and millions. For power users that are frequently using their iPhones or iPods to send text messages, emails, tweets or so forth, it’s easy to understand why this tweak is so valuable. PredictiveKeyboard by Matthias Sauppe is $2.39 on Cydia in the BigBoss repository.

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