Emphasize allows custom color schemes on iOS 7

Emphasize Tweak iOS 7

Emphasize is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 by iOS developer Ryan Petrich that enables iPhone users to select from a list of custom color schemes: Orange, Chocolate, Chameleon, Sky Blue, Plum, Scarlet Red, Viridian, Olive, Steel, Sienna, Watercolor and Hot Pink. Each theme is configured through the Emphasize menu in the Settings app, and can be applied systemwide or to individual apps.

Petrich has been leading the pack with updated tweaks for the iOS 7 jailbreak, most recently previewing both FlipControlCenter and Display Recorder. He is perhaps best known as the creator of Activator, a useful iOS extension that enables certain multitouch gestures to carry out an action or shortcut. Activator relies on Mobile Substrate, which also require an update for iOS 7.

Emphasize is available on Cydia as a free download by adding the repository rpetri.ch/repo to your sources. While I can confirm that the tweak functions without issues on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4, your experience on a 64-bit device like an iPhone 5s might be different. Let us know if it works for you in the comments.

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This tweak gets rid of the “Today” and “Missed” tabs in iOS 7 Notification Center


With the release of iOS 7 came a new and “improved” Notification Center, featuring two new tabs: “Today,” which shows you information that might be helpful today, and “Missed,” which shows notifications that you received earlier and might have missed. Squeezed between these two tabs, though, is the “All” tab which is essentially the same as the old iOS 6 Notification Center.

A new tweak called “NCAllOnly” allows you to do exactly what it sounds: make the “All” tab the only one shown when you open Notification Center. The tweak is available right now, completely free, on the Big Boss repo in Cydia. Note: This tweak, like most other tweaks, is not yet compatible with iOS devices sporting the A7 processor.

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Remove your iOS 7 dock with TransparentDock, DockShift offers more features


One of the most popular Winterboard modifications has always been the simple removal of the dock. Of course, your docked apps will still remain functional, but the graphic backdrop will be gone giving your Home Screen wallpaper more non-blurred screen real estate. If you’re wondering how to accomplish this on a newly-jailbroken iOS 7 device, simply head to Cydia and search for the TransparentDock tweak in the BigBoss repo.

As iFans user laze has pointed out in the comments thread, you can also install the tweak manually by pointing your jailbroken device to the following link in Safari:

You’ll need to have iFile installed, and after you click the link you’ll be given the option to install the tweak manually. Alternatively, you could just go for installing DockShift, which, on top of giving you the option to hide the dock, allows you to customize its appearance in a variety of interesting ways. LikeTransparentDock, DockShift is free on Cydia and requires iOS 7. Find a screenshot of DockShift’s settings page after the break.
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Cydia updated for iOS 7

Cydia 1.1.9 iOS 7 iPhone

Just a few days following the surprising release of an iOS 7 jailbreak, Cydia has been updated with a brand new user interface to match. The update, version 1.1.9, can be installed within Cydia itself, with credit going to developers Jay Freeman and Ryan Petrich, graphic designers Surenix and Kyle Matthews, and Optimo for testing.

A mandatory update to UIKit Tools, an essential package for SpringBoard, is required alongside the new Cydia Installer. The new version of Cydia is backwards compatible with all iOS versions dating back to iPhone OS 2.0, although there may remain some minor bugs that require fixing. An update to MobileSubstrate is next on the list.

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Theme Preview: UltraFlat for iOS 7

Theme Preview: UltraFlat for iOS 7

UltraFlat For iOS 7

iFans forum member cobbyco:

Over the last month or so I have been creating a flat icon theme for iOS 7 (for when it’s eventually jailbroken) and I’ve been posting my progress on the MacRumors forums. I want as many people as possible to know about it, so I’ve decided to post here as well.

I think it’s safe to say that the theming community could make a strong comeback when the iOS 7 jailbreak is released, considering how critical some people have been towards the new software design. Will you be theming your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch once iOS 7 is jailbroken?

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Cydia: Celeste 2 Tweak Brings Bluetooth File Sharing to iOS 6

CocoaNuts, who developed Celeste in 2011, has finally released his Bluetooth file sharing app with support for iOS 6 in the form of Celeste 2. This jailbreak tweak integrates with several default iOS applications, allowing users to send and receive songs, photos, books, contacts and more from other smartphones — like an Android device or your Mac or PC.

That is, as long as both devices support the Bluetooth file sharing protocol OBEX. With this tweak, you can even control file transfers from the included Notification Center widget. Celeste 2 is on sale for $6.99 on Cydia until the “Summer Sale” ends on September 15th, returning to its regular price of $9.99 thereafter. It’s waiting to be installed on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad from the BigBoss repository.

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iOS Theme Release – Ezra2


@TCcentex’s second version of his theme “E is for Ezra” was recently released for jailbroken iOS devices, titled Ezra2. You can find it under the ModMyi repository for $2.99. All proceeds go to the “Because of Ezra” campaign for fighting cases of neuroblastoma cancer. It’s a beautiful theme, and I highly suggest putting money towards a very good cause. And hey, you get an awesome theme out of it!

You can view more images by clicking here.

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iOS Developer Adam Bell Talks Jailbreak Tweaks at WWJC 2013

Adam Bell WWJC

Adam Bell started jailbreaking during the iOS 1.x.x days, and loved the concept of how iOS devices could be jailbroken. He started by making a replacement for music app, since he was pretty annoyed with it.

Since then, he has created Stride, Cascade, PostOffice, and other great tweaks that you see in Cydia Store today. One of his tweaks, MessageBox, ‘removed’ Chat Heads from Facebook chat and overlaid into the Springboard and over other applications. To get this application to work, he used XPC framework and CyCript. BackBoard was also used to allow Chat Heads to stay open without the launch daemon ‘Watchdog’ killing backgrounded applications.  (more…)

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WWJC to be Held This Weekend

The official jailbreak convention, known as WWJC, is taking part on Friday August 23rd and Saturday 24th in New York, New York. WWJC brings together the masterminds behind the jailbreak communities like Cydia founder Saurik, Ryan Petrich, iH8sn0w, Nikias Bassen who brought you Evasi0n, P0sixninja and a whole lot more! (more…)

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UnthreadedJB Drama Continues With New Release

Amongst UnthreadedJB constantly tweeting their signature “We R Not #FAKR” and videos showcasing a jailbreak demo, they still have time to release a new jailbreak method of some sort. This time, however, it is a bootrom exploit. Yet, not exactly.

Announced on Twitter, UnthreadedJB released this new tool just hours ago. The caveat is that it is compatible with Linux only, working particularly well with the Gentoo distro.  (more…)

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