Nokia: Print Your Own Lumia 820 Back Casing


3D printing is the next revolution in technology according to many, and people are already printing all kinds of interesting things. Now, Nokia has become the first cellphone manufacturer to announce a public development kit that will allow people to print their own casing for their Lumia 820 smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 820 is a mid-range Windows Phone 8 handset currently available on AT&T. It comes in a variety of back casing colors including red, white, cyan, yellow, and black. But what if you want to use your own color? Now you can with a 3D printer. (more…)

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APC Paper: A $99 Android Book Computer

2013-01-17 17_54_38-APC » Paper

APC is a designer of micro-computers not distant in function from the Raspberry Pi. These low-power computers serve many purposes from providing students in third world countries the ability to code, to setting up a simple network storage device. These micro-computers, though, don’t typically ship with a case. This little guy is a bit different. (more…)

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TSMC contracted to fab a cutting-edge chip for a ‘breakthrough’ Apple device

TSMC Contracted to Fab a Cutting-Edge Chip for a ‘Breakthrough” Apple Device


As the iPhone maker is reportedly accelerating plans to make a jump to TSMC for all of its mobile chips, now comes word that the Taiwan foundry will pretty soon start building on its 20 nanometer process technology a next-gen processor for a “breakthrough”Apple device…

DigiTimes Research, the usually credible research and analysis arm of the Taiwanese hit-and-miss trade publication, wrote Wednesday that TSMC is working on engineering samples of Apple’s chips at 28nm as we speak. However, first TSMC-built chips “are unlikely to happen in 2013″.

As the effects of the ongoing legal battles between Apple and Samsung continue to move forward, this is one of the most interesting. Historically, Samsung has manufactured Apple’s SoCs. That is, obviously, going to change. However, it’s still unclear as to whether or not TSMC can fully replace Samsung. However, it seems as if plans are moving ahead at a fast clip, with TSMC supposedly taking over from Samsung in 2014.


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First Renders of the HTC M7 Appear


HTC’s venerable One X is about to be usurped for the top-dog, flagship position in the company’s lineup. The M7, pictured to the right, will likely be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February.
The leaked renders comes by way of a source of unwiredview. That source supposedly has access to early versions of the ROM for the device:

The render is apparently part of a short animation clip instructing new owners on first-time SIM card installation. However, the lack of branding and other details (distinct screen borders, for instance) suggest that this is not the exact design HTC is expected to debut at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


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iPhone 5 Demand Still Strong


Yesterday, reports surfaced that the iPhone 5 was experiencing weak demand, and as a result Apple was reducing their component orders. Given that the rumor originated from The Wall Street Journal, it was taken seriously by most - The WSJ has a fantastic track record when it comes to Apple rumors and information. That report sent Apple’s stock price tumbling, and it continued that fall today.

But not all is lost, or at least that’s what certain analysts have to say. While Apple may have cut the number of screens it has ordered from suppliers, the reasoning behind that move may be more nuanced than a decrease in demand. (more…)

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Microsoft Estimated to Have Sold Only 1 Million Surface Tablets Last Quarter


This past holiday shopping season was dominated by consumer electronics, including products from Apple, Google, Microsoft and many other companies within the tech space. Unfortunately, for Microsoft, interest in its new Surface tablet, which was introduced in late October, is estimated to have been very low compared to its competitors. (more…)

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Samsung’s Display Roadmap Lends Credence to Galaxy S IV 1080p Rumors

samsung display roadmap

Ever since HTC’s “superphone” debuted with a 1080p display, rumors have been swirling about that Samsung’s next Galaxy S entrant would feature a similar screen. The above photo would lend some credibility to such rumors. Found in Samsung’s CES booth, the roadmap communicates the goals that Samsung has hoped to reach in terms of pixels-per-inch. Currently, the Galaxy S III ships with a 4.8″ 720p display. Rumor has it that the next-generation device, to be launched sometime this spring, will feature a 5″ 1080p display, easily besting the PPI of its predecessor while still increasing the screen size.

It is, of course, important to remember that this is Samsung’s display business, and not actually Samsung Mobile. However, the two have previously collaborated very closely, and the Q1 2013 launch date would put it firmly in line to be a headline feature of the upcoming S IV.


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Former Windows Lead Steven Sinofsky Now Has an iPhone

steven sinofsky iphone

9to5mac picked up on a rather ironic change of behavior by Microsoft’s former  Windows boss: he is now actively tweeting from an iPhone, in addition to his Windows 8-based devices.

To be fair to the man, it’s only logical that someone with his kind of salary would go out and purchase some new products after being cut loose from a previous employer. Honestly, the iPhone still offers a lot in the way of apps that Windows Phone simply doesn’t, and so therefore may work better for him in his new pursuits.

The only issue I take with this is that he is using Twitter’s stock iOS app. If he’s going to have an iPhone, why not splurge and try out Twitterrific or Tweetbot, arguably the two best Twitter clients on any platform? He definitely has the money to spend.

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Week in Microsoft: IllumiRoom, Xbox Original Shows, Messenger Dies, CES


This week in tech was dominated with the Consumer Electronics Show coverage around the blogosphere. So much so that my RSS feeder became overwhelmed with thousands of items left unread. In the thick of it all, Microsoft demonstrated some cool, futuristic Holodeck demos and even gave a preview of the Surface Pro to some journalists. This Week in Microsoft, I’ll filter out all the CES bloat and breakdown Microsoft news to size. (more…)

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