Microsoft Mocks Galaxy and iPhone Users in New Windows Phone Ad

iPhone and Android smartphone users, it’s time to put your differences aside for at least a few moments. Microsoft has just released a new TV advertisement for Windows Phone, mocking the flame wars that often occur between people that use either an Apple or Samsung smartphone. I think, for at least one time, everyone can agree that it’s pretty comical.

In the one-minute spot, promoting the Lumia 920, Microsoft makes fan of both the enormous size of Galaxy devices and Siri voice assistant on iPhone as part of an overall mockery of the heated rivalry between users of each platform. Just as a man and woman are about to be wed, guests at the wedding begin making sarcastic remarks about each other’s smartphones, and it soon erupts into full-out mayhem.

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Images of Nokia’s Next-Generation Lumia Surface

Catwalk 2

While the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One have just been announced, there is not yet a next-generation flagship on the Windows Phone side. That may be about to change, with rumors of an improved Nokia Lumia handset culminating today in leaked photos of such a device. The device, which appears to be crafted from aluminum instead of Nokia’s signature polycarbonate plastic, would also feature faster specifications that include a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 chip, 16 GB of flash storage, and a 4.5″ display that is presumed to be either 720p or 1080p resolution.

Also included is a state-of-the-art camera, as Nokia’s sensors have historically been some of the best. While Lumia sales have grown in markets outside the US, the Finland-based company has yet to penetrate the United States. As Microsoft’s premier partner with Windows Phone, it’s important that the company continue to grow its presence.


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Must Watch: Nokia Chief Tosses Interviewer’s iPhone on National TV

The last thing that Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop wanted to see during his interview on a Finnish TV show, promoting the new Lumia 620, was an iPhone. But, after Elop refused to comment on speculation surrounding the purported Lumia 928, the interviewer pulled out his Apple smartphone in a rather humorous revelation. “I have an iPhone,” said the presenter. “I don’t want to have an iPhone. I want to have a Nokia phone.”

“Oh, how embarrassing,” quivered Elop, who was clearly caught off guard. “I can take care of that for you, right here.” In a nervous gesture, Elop actually grabbed the iPhone out of the presenter’s hands and tossed it across the floor. “There, it’s gone.” Surprisingly, the interviewer did not seem overwhelmingly shocked at the situation that had just unfolded before his eyes, instead further pressuring Elop to comment on the Lumia 928.

While it might have been a nerve-wracking moment for Elop, this video has certainly helped bring attention — be it positive or negative — to Nokia and its Windows Phone lineup. Plus, the presenter was being overly aggressive about the Lumia 928 anyways, so he practically deserved for this to happen. “Throwing an iPhone like a boss… wait… he’s already a boss,” one top comment on YouTube reads.


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Lumia 928 to Launch on Verizon in April


Tom Warren over at The Verge is reporting that the Lumia 928, the follow-up to the Lumia 920, will be released on Verizon this coming April. The device will feature a redesigned body from the chunky 920, as well as different materials: aluminum, as opposed to the high-quality plastics used in the Lumia 920. The 928 will also be lighter and thinner, fixing two of the most outstanding issues many people had with the original 920, which was incredibly thick and heavy and was often described as a “brick” of a phone.

Other than that, the 928 will be very similar to the 920, but with the obvious spec bumps expected of a product that launches this year. There’s no word on pricing, though it’s probably safe to assume that this will go for around $99, which would follow Nokia and Microsoft’s strategy of undercutting market leaders like Apple and Samsung.

[The Verge]

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Nokia Thinks Windows Phone Can Be Bigger Than Android, iOS


Android and iOS continue to dominate the mobile space, controlling up to 92 percent of operating system market share, but Nokia CEO Steven Elop believes that Windows Phone could eventually top both platforms. He shared those thoughts with Bloomberg in a recent interview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

“The first thing to recognize is that we selected Windows Phone as our platform so that it would be a key point in differentiation. So while there are many vendors doing many things with Android, and it’s hard to tell a lot of that apart, we stand on our own in terms of what we’re doing with Windows Phone. [...] It can be the biggest operating system in the world. We have a lot of work to do jointly with Microsof to make that happen.”


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Apple Smartphones More Reliable than the Competition

FixYa reliability

Apple’s iPhone is the most reliable smartphone available, according to a study by FixYa, a website dedicated to providing consumers with troubleshooting tips. The report breaks down common issues of each major manufacturer based upon impressions gathered from users of FixYa.

The most prominent issues on the iPhone include battery life, lack of new features, and no customizability. Those complaints sound about right: (more…)

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Apple Takes Global Web Usage from Nokia as Google Chrome Grows on Mobile


While Apple may not lead Android in overall marketshare, some are quick to point out that the iPhone is far and away the leader in terms of overall web usage between the two platforms in almost every country. Apple today surged past Nokia, likely on strong Holiday sales, to become the leader in overall web usage on mobile devices. Nokia, popular in third-world countries nearing or going through industrialization held the crown thanks to its Symbian platform, which has now been phased out in favor of Windows Phone 8.

Nokia’s numbers dipped fairly drastically over the holidays, likely due to so many people replacing aging devices worldwide. According to this data set, Samsung also experienced a slight drop. (more…)

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Week in Microsoft: Q2 Earnings, Surface Pro Incoming, and Sweet Rumors

Microsoft This Week

After a quiet week, probably due to the CES hangover, Microsoft is back in full force. Top stories for this week includes a Microsoft bailout for Dell, record $21.5 billion Q2 revenue, and an official date for the imminent launch of the Surface Pro. Here are the summaries for the week of January 21st-27th: (more…)

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Starting Saturday, Unlocking a Cellphone is Illegal in the US


Back in 2010, an exception was added to the United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act by the Librarian of Congress that made it perfectly legal to jailbreak, unlock, or install unapproved third-party apps on any hardware (at the time, the exception was added with a focus on the iPhone, though it currently applies to any device). However, a change noted by Tech News Daily in the DMCA means that starting this Saturday, unlocking a phone through unofficial means will become illegal in the United States. (more…)

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Nokia Finally Operating in the Black, Posting $585 Million Q4 Profit

nokia old logoThe financial situation for Nokia has been bleak since its mobile empire was challenged by Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones. Nokia has been losing money quarterly since 2010, with its largest operating loss of $1.2 billion in Q4 2011. Fortunately, things are starting to turn around for the Helsinki company.

Nokia posted a $585 million net income for its fourth quarter of 2012. Some of that revenue was helped by steep jobs cut and sales of major assets. Last month, the  handset maker sold their Finland headquarter for $220 million. Nokia is still planning to outsource and reduce more of their IT jobs in further cost reduction plan.

For the first time in 143 years of its existence, Nokia is stopping its dividend payout to shareholders. The move will save the company cash outflow and help preserve its dwindled cash reserves. 2013 is predicted to be a positive operating year for Nokia, according to a Bloomberg analyst.

As previously announced, Nokia sold 4.4 million of their Lumia smartphones in Q4, which includes the Lumia 920, 820, and 610 models. Most of their smartphone sales however are from their Asha series, targeting growing economies. They’ve sold 9.3 million Asha smartphones for Q4. Their Symbian smartphone is finally showing signs of receding with only 2.2 million units sold.

[Nokia's Press Release via Bloomberg]

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