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CES 2013 is over, and it’s been a whirlwind of a week. This year was the first time that iFans had someone covering it live on the floor, and we saw various products and accessories that are sure to make a splash when they land later this year.

However, there’s always the inevitable question: out of all the big-name announcements, whose was the best? What product grabbed your attention? What product looks as if it will be worth its price? Vote in our poll after the break, or respond on the forums! (more…)

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iFans at CES: Premium Swedish Products From Bosign


Swedish accessory maker Bosign was at International CES this year to promote its new lifestyle products and accessories that have clean, crisp and modern Scandinavian design. The folks at Bosign walked me through a number of their products, including the Tabletpillow for iPad and other tablets.

To use the Tabletpillow, place it on your lap and position your iPad or tablet on top of it. The plush accessory has a rigid bottom edge to hold the device in place, giving you the convenience of browsing the web or doing other tasks right from your lap. The pillow is offered in a variety of fresh colors for €29.95 ($39.95 USD).  (more…)

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Mercury Viper: A 2 Terabyte, 3.5″ SSD for Professionals

mercury viper

Among the more pricey computer peripherals announced at CES is a high performance, high capacity SSD from Other World Computing. OWC, which has made a name for itself by focusing on the Apple’s Mac, plans to release this larger SSD a little later this year. Since it is larger than the standard 2.5″ HDD/SDD found in laptops and other portable computers, it will be aimed at production machines, which tend to be desktop towers.

Since it is aimed at a more professional market, the price will be quite high: an OWC representative claimed that was designed for performance and capacity “first,” and that price wasn’t a factor. (more…)

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iFans at CES: iPhone 5 Cases Roundup

SwitchEasy iPhone 5 Case

SwitchEasy Tones case for iPhone 5 in shade of green or turquoise. $24.99 each.

International CES, outside of Macworld, is easily the biggest place to find the latest cases and accessories for Apple products. While walking the floor during each of the last four days, I uncovered numerous cases for the iPhone 5 by almost every accessory maker you can imagine. Some were great, while some were plain out bad. Ahead, I have provided a roundup of the myriad of iPhone 5 cases I encountered during the show.  (more…)

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iFans at CES: Samsung Stole the Show

Samsung CES 2013 2

Today is the fourth and final day of International CES, and South Korean consumer electronics maker Samsung has had a very strong presence throughout the entire four days of the show.

The large showroom for Samsung has been packed since CES kicked off, with both members of press and other industry affiliaties checking out what the corporation has to offer in the year ahead.  (more…)

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iFans at CES: Booq Backpacks and Sleeves

Booq iPad

Booqpad for third- and fourth-generation iPad.

Another popular accessory maker at International CES this year is Booq, which designs a number of different fashionable backpacks, cases, sleeves and more for Apple products. Booq has recently updated its product lineup to add selection for the iPad mini and other new devices.  (more…)

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iFans at CES: Splat Cleaning Putty


One of the more niche products that I spotted at International CES on day three was Splat Cleaning Putty, a reusable high viscosity putty that can be applied to your keyboard or other devices to remove dust and debris from small nooks and crannies. The product is non-stick, leaves no residue and can be reused if sealed after each use in a cool environment. Splat is made in Canada by Vdera Inc. and retails for just $6.99.

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iFans at CES: 2013 Showroom Gallery

Intel CES

Take a look at the annual International CES showroom throughout the north, south and central halls in this extensive showroom picture gallery. A number of big name companies are here — Samsung, Panasonic, Nikon, Toshiba and many others — in addition to smaller makers of accessories and lifestyle products. These pictures are from the first two days of the show.  (more…)

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iFans at CES: ION Audio Jukebox for iPad

ION Jukebox

Jukebox Bluetooth (left) and Retro Rocker (right) wireless speaker docks for iPad.

ION Audio is at International CES to unveil a number of new products for this year, including the Jukebox Bluetooth dock for iPad and larger Retro Rocker sibling. The Jukebox Bluetooth is a wireless retro speaker dock that allows for wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android smartphones or tablets.

As you play music, the lighted trim around the jukebox changes color. The larger Retro Rocker performs the same functionality, with an added mirrored LED infinity window and bubbling effect for an even greater retro feel. Jukebox Bluetooth retails for $99.99, while the Retro Rocker is not available at this time. ION Audio is best known as the makers of iCade.

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