Apple Scrolling Patent Receives ‘Final’ Rejection from Patent Office


It appears that the US PTO doesn’t quite understand what the word “final” means. While Apple’s signature bounce-back scrolling patent has been given a “final” rejection from the Patent Office, the battle will still continue.

Although it did not play a crucial role, this particular patent was used successfully against Samsung in last year’s trials. Since this patent is still involved in that trial, Apple has a few options left to it before the patent is truly thrown out. Since this patent is a relatively high-priority target for Samsung and other competitors, you can bet that Apple will want to hold on to it. Still, the overall outlook for the patent is looking rather grim.

[The Verge]

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Happy Birthday iPad, We’re Sorry we Doubted You

Happy Birthday iPad, We’re Sorry we Doubted You


A lot of people mocked the iPad from the beginning, wondering why anyone would want to use a limited, 10-inch slab of glass over a regular computer. The question was, as always with Apple, whether the iPad could live up to all of the hype. Looking back, the answer is obvious: yes. The iPad has seen—and continues to see—monumental success, and competitors are still playing catch up.

The iPad just turned three, and there’s no doubt that it has been a smashing success. In just three years, the tablet computing market was created and is now populated not just with many generations of the iPad but competing devices such as the Nexus 7 as well.

Sadly, many credible sources completely blasted the device when it was first announced, saying “tablet computers will fail to become the Next Big Thing.” But oh, they were oh so very wrong. Hit the source link above for Cult of Mac’s round up of iPad nay-sayers.

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Apple in 2013: Gurman, Gruber, Siegler, Ritchie and Others Share Their Scoops


Well this is interesting. Mark Gurman, John Gruber, MG Siegler, Rene Ritchie, Matthew Panzarino and others have all decided to tonight share their scoops regarding what’s in the pipeline for Apple in 2013–on a Branch thread. All of these Editors of various Apple blogs have been known to have sources with reliable information, and they all seemingly decided tonight is the time to fill us in.  (more…)

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WSJ: Production of a Refreshed iPhone to Begin this Quarter, Summer Launch Likely


Apple may release a new iPhone model sooner, rather than later, if reports from The Wall Street Journal are to be believed. While rumors of a refreshed iPhone launching earlier in the summer than previously thought aren’t new, this is the first time that an outlet such as The WSJ has thrown their hat in to the ring.

According to their report, Apple will begin production of a successor to the iPhone 5 this quarter. The successor will likely be an “S” update, with improved internal specifications and software features, but without any major change in the physical design. Beginning the production this early of a device that will be easier to produce than the redesigned iPhone 5 suggests that Apple may announce and release the device earlier than previously thought. Credible rumors point to an August launch.

[The WSJ]

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The Next Two iPhones Were Designed Under Steve Jobs


San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón is looking for a way to slow down thefts in San Francisco. Of these thefts, he says the iPhone is involved in half. This obviously leaves Apple a potential partner in cracking down on this problem and, as Gascón hopes, helping prevent it with future iPhone models. But there’s a problem. (more…)

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Apple Music Streaming Imminent, Says Source


Spotify has quickly become a prominent on demand source for your music needs, in many cases taking place of services along the likes of Pandora and Rdio. But what might Apple–a company hoping not to lose the reigns in the music industry–have in store for us?

As The Verge notes, Apple has used its stance as the industry’s largest music outlet to control the prominent record labels, eventually pushing them to release their tight gripping DRM stranglehold. (more…)

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Apple Details ‘Why You’ll Love an iPad’

iPad iPad mini

Apple has added a new “why you’ll love an iPad” page to its website, listing various reasons why the iPad should be your tablet of choice. Among the reasons cited are a J.D. Power and Associated award for ranking “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Tablets,” over 300,000 apps designed specifically for iPad, an exquisite design, two different display sizes in the full-sized iPad and iPad mini, long-lasting battery life, rear- and front-facing cameras, ultrafast wireless and LTE, iOS 6 and iCloud, and award-winning support from real people by visiting the Genius Bar or calling 1-800-MY-APPLE.  (more…)

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The iPad mini Should Have Been Retina From the Beginning

2013-01-30 22_07_59-evasi0n iOS 6.x Jailbreak - official website of the evad3rs

At this time last year, there were only two screen sizes housing Apple’s mobile operating system that we call iOS. There were four total resolutions, but only two physical screen sizes. These of course being the 3.5-inch iPhone and the 9.7-inch iPad. Developers, therefore, had to make their apps compatible with just four resolutions. This made iOS a very attractive platform, especially considering the App Store’s health.

Now there are four. We have the 3.5-inch iPhone/iPod touch of old, the 4-inch iPhone 5/iPod touch, the 7.9-inch iPad mini, and the 9.7-inch iPad. Seven resolutions still (at least partially) supported at the release of what we assume will be a Retina iPad mini. Why is this significant? It’s not that I’m against innovation. I, like most, know that it’s about time for Apple’s next big product. We don’t know what it’s going to be yet, and we don’t know how it will fare. We do know, however, that the iPhone was the first of its kind. I doubt Apple will introduce anything–seeing the iPhone’s success–that isn’t the first of its kind. That’s reassuring. But here’s what’s concerning: (more…)

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Samsung Galaxy S4: Powerful Hardware, But A Less-Than-Powerful Experience

Galaxy S4 Front iPhone 5 two

It’s time to set something straight. When it comes to consumer electronics, a significant number of users will often base their purchase decision on which device delivers the most powerful hardware specifications. But, there is also a misconception that devices with impressive components will always be the best. And that’s simply not true.

There is no denying that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is one of the most powerful handsets on the market. With a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 5-inch display, 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2 GB RAM and NFC, the Galaxy S4 blows the iPhone 5 out of the water. But when it comes to the overall experience, it’s a different story.  (more…)

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