Jailbreak developer Coolstar teases iOS 7.1 calendar port for iOS 7.0.x

BigVLKqCMAAgFOuAs you may or may not be aware, iOS 7.1 is shipping with a decently-modified version of Calendar.app. It packs many usability modifications that make the app much easier to use. But there’s one problem: Those of us that want to hold on to our iOS 7.0.x jailbreak can’t have it – unless a developer steps in and ports it. It looks like that developer has stepped up to the plate, and his name is Coolstar. (more…)

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Do you still have an unlimited data plan? T-Mobile and Sprint may soon be moving away from them

T-Mobile-iPhone-5More and more companies are axing their unlimited data plans every day, and if you still have one, you’re likely barely holding onto it. While data consumption continues to increase steadily across the board, some carriers such as T-Mobile are trying to hold on to customers by promising to continue offering such plans. But that strategy isn’t working all too well, yet, and some of the larger carriers such as AT&T are holding strong even in light of their ridiculously expensive capped plans. But not everyone is so unfortunate. (more…)

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Do you still use a classic iPod?

Sad iPodAmazingly, there are now kids in middle school young enough to have never personally owned one of the classic iPods. They’re probably familiar with what an iPod is and, of course, they’ve seen an iPod touch, but they’ve probably never owned an iPod nano nor one of the old “video” hard-drive iPods… (more…)

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OS X retina support coming


OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 was released to developers last night, and included with it were tweaks to how the operating system deals with 4K displays. Most importantly, 10.9.3 includes support for all 4K displays, instead of only a few custom-supported options. The update also brings new  scaling options.


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Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to developers

OS X Mavericks

Apple has released the first beta of OS X Mavericks 10.9.3. Contained in this update are the expected bug fixes and enhancements, and Apple is asking developers to focus their testing on graphics and audio (Mac Pro users will be interested in those audio fixes) APIs.

So while that’s being released, the rest of us are patiently waiting for iOS 7.1… (more…)

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iTunes Festival iOS app released

iTunes festival app

Despite rumors yesterday that the iTunes Festival app was being held for iOS 7.1 to be released, Apple has gone ahead and pulled the trigger, pushing out the new app ahead of SXSW and the iTunes Festival’s North American debut. The app update includes a UI overhaul, though some are being critical of the app, as it relies heavily on webviews. Regardless, you’ll have to have the app to stream next week’s performances!

[App Store]

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