Here’s everything you need to know about Healthbook

healthbook-book (1)Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac, notorious for his detailed, thorough, and comprehensive Monday morning reports on the future of Apple, has published yet another this morning; this time, he gives us a look at what Apple has planned for iOS 8, Healthbook, and the rumored iWatch wearable device. After the break you’ll even find some detailed examples of Healthbook, which are recreations made from screenshots of the app itself. (more…)

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Apple supposedly launching 8GB iPhone 5c tomorrow

Mara_iphone5c_blue_angle1Well this was unexpected. According to a variety of reports across the web today, Apple is planning to launch an even cheaper iPhone model tomorrow: an 8GB iPhone 5c. Apple hasn’t talked publicly about how well the cheaper, colored version of the iPhone is doing, but rumors say that it’s not performing as well as its two brothers. (more…)

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The man behind Apple: Jonathan Ive interviewed in The Sunday Times

Jonathan Ive New TitleBritish newspaper The Sunday Times has published an elaborate, five-page interview with Apple Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive about all things Apple. The iconic designer, who has worked on several products, spoke about both his past with the Cupertino-based company, and what lies ahead in the future… (more…)

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Apple adds “Sharing Selfies” section to the App Store

selllllfffiiiieeeOh gosh. I’m pretty sure that absolutely zero people asked for this. But it’s here. Apple has given it to us: An app feature section on the App Store entitled “Sharing Selfies.”

Personally, I’m about ready for the word “selfie” to die a slow, miserable death. I cringe when I hear it. (more…)

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Exciting new ProWidgets tweak coming soon to iPhone and iPad

prowidgetsIt’s not often that I stumble across a tweak that I think is going to make waves in the jailbreak community. But that happened today, and the tweak is called ProWidgets. It comes from well-known jailbreak developer Alan Yip, creator of StatusHUD 2 and AltKeyboard – and now ProWidgets. (more…)

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SemiRestore7 for iOS 7 now available


Apple is no longer signing anything below iOS 7.1 for current-generation devices, and you know what that means: You’re stuck on iOS 7.0.x if you want to keep your jailbreak. If you update to iOS 7.1, there’s no going back – at least not any time soon. But what if something happens? What if you want a fresh slate, but don’t want to lose your jailbreak? That’s why SemiRestore exists, and it’s now available for iOS 7. (more…)

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