iOS 7.1 significantly more stable than 7.0


The stability enhancements in iOS 7.1 are having a major effect on the number of crashes taking place on Apple’s mobile platform, according to a firm that provides analytics to developers. The firm states that the crash rate for iOS 7.1 is 1.6%, compared with roughly 2% for iOS 7, 6.1, and 6.

So perhaps iOS 7.1 took so long for a reason. Regardless, it’s good to see that Apple is making improvements in its overall platform stability.


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Do you use Mac OS X Mavericks “Tags” feature?

Red 2014-03-20 16-20-23 2014-03-20 16-20-40Mavericks has been publicly available for a while today, and I realized today that one of its most interesting new features–Tags–goes completely unused by me. The premise of the feature was simple: tag your files at any time to quickly and easily organize different file categories among different system locations. But I’ve simply never used it. (more…)

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Jailbreak tweak ActiPizza lets you use Activator to order a pizza

iPizzaThis is amazing. If you have a jailbroken iOS device, you’re almost surely familiar with the Activator jailbreak tweak. Many other tweaks require it to work, and now that list includes ActiPizza–a tweak that will order a pizza for you provided you trigger it with Activator. (more…)

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Samsung bashes iPad, Kindle, Surface in new ad

Samsung this morning uploaded a new advertisement to its YouTube channel, which outlines all of the advantages the Samsung Galaxy Pro Series has over its competitors. Points made include device’s higher pixel density, its ability to multitask, as well as the fact that you don’t need a variety of accessories to use the device.

Samsung has quite a history in chastising its competitors in advertisements, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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There is no iWatch

There is no iWatch

Apple's previous-generation iPod nano stylized as a wearable watch.

Make no mistake, Apple has evaluated, designed, and strongly considered variations of a smart watch, but the tech media is blowing up with absolute certainty that “the iWatch” will be released. It won’t. The is no iWatch. I’m not saying it will never be released, but not in 2014, and likely not for at least a handful of years after that, if ever.

Very interesting opinion piece.

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Tim Cook comments on “Haunted Empire”

Tim Cook

Tim Cook made various comments to CNBC about the latest book that purports to show the inside details of Apple. The book, it is fair to say, isn’t particularly kind to the company, post Steve Jobs. As the title would suggest, it conveys the sense that Apple is lacking a cohesive leader following Jobs’ death in 2011.

Tim Cook said the following about the book: (more…)

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You can now buy 128 GB of RAM for the new Mac Pro


Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Ferraris, yachts, and the like? Or are you a video editor that is on the extreme bleeding edge? Well then, Transcend has something they’d like to sell you. You can now purchase up to 128 GB of RAM for your 2013 Mac Pro, and it will only cost you $2480 MSRP.


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Does Healthbook interest you?


With most rumors pointing towards Healthbook being a headlining feature of iOS 8, I have to ask how many people will actually find the feature useful. Personally, I am waiting to see how the program is implemented to pass judgement on it. I can see certain aspects of it being very nice, while others feel more like a gimmick than what I expect from Apple on a brand new, major operating system.

What about you? Does Healthbook pique your interest?

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Apple launches the 8 GB iPhone 5c

Mara_iphone5c_blue_angle1Apple this morning added the 8 GB iPhone 5c to its lineup. In what is breaking records in the  ”worst deal on an iPhone ever” category, the new iPhone –priced at £429–is a measly £40 ($66 including sales tax) less than the 16GB model. So far, the phone has appeared on O2′s website as well as many international Apple Stores including those in the UK, Australia, and China. (more…)

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The iPad 2 is finally dead

1320292384_iPad_black_blue_coverAfter (almost exactly) 3 entire years of service, Apple has finally retired the trusty old iPad 2. The device was the last of the still-available iDevice lineup that depended on the old 30-pin dock connector, and was replaced on the Apple Store this morning with the 4th generation iPad. The latter device, which was presumed dead at the announcement of the iPad Air, is now available at the same price as the Retina iPad mini — starting at $399. (more…)

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