Disney’s new Movies Anywhere app integrates with iTunes to fight UltraViolet

disney movies anywhere

While the digital music world is mostly great right now, digital movies are another matter entirely. UltraViolet is great in concept, but awful in practice. iTunes is fine if all you have are Apple devices, but it falls short in multi-platform support with its studio-mandated DRM. Disney’s Movies Anywhere is an attempt to integrate with iTunes, but also to bring better support.


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MLB updates At Bat app with new design in time for 2014 season

mlb at bat

MLB has been at the forefront of pushing its league’s content to mobile devices with the fantastic At Bat iOS app. Today, the app has been updated with an iOS 7 redesign, making the app feel right at home on your new iPad Air or iPhone 5s.

For baseball fans, At Bat is a must-have. It’s well worth the in-app purchases that make it the hub for baseball.


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Telegram Messenger gains millions of users following WhatsApp downtime

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.03.58 AMIt has been an interesting week for popular cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp. Just days after being acquired from Facebook for up to $19 billion, the app experienced its longest outage in years. The result was more than favorable for Telegram Messenger, which gained close to 5 million new users in the aftermath…  (more…)

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How does releasing games through Apple, Valve, Nintendo and Sony’s digital storefronts compare?

How does releasing games through Apple, Valve, Nintendo, and Sony’s stores compare?

image and form

Swedish indie game developer Image and Form has released a game on iOS, and through Valve, Nintendo, and Sony’s digital stores. So, how does the process compare? Edge-Online asked:

Taken as a group, Sigurgeirsson would like to see “Apple become a bit more personal,” and for Nintendo and Sony’s submission processes to be standardised and streamlined. Sigurgeirsson describes Valve, meanwhile, as “a wonderful company to work with.” (more…)

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Apple purchases Burstly, TestFlight beta testing suite


Apple has purchased Burstly, a company that produces the TestFlight beta testing suite. TestFlight is used by developers and beta-testers alike to distribute apps before they see a full release on the App Store. This is, by far, Burstly’s most popular service, though they also have mobile ad and analytic software. (more…)

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Will you continue using WhatsApp?

WhatsAppFacebook announced yesterday that it will be acquiring popular cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp in a deal that could total a whopping $19 billion. The news has been dominating headlines across the tech landscape ever since, and for good reason. WhatsApp boasts an impressive 450 million monthly active users, and over 1 million more sign up every day…  (more…)

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Fleksy third-party keyboard is available to all iOS developers


Fleksy, a third-party keyboard option, today released an SDK that allows developers to quickly add support for the keyboard in their app. Fleksy features gesture support and advanced predictive capabilities, though it has previously been limited to its own note-taking app. With this SDK, the keyboard could see wider adoption. (more…)

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Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for $16 billion


Facebook has reached a deal to acquire WhatsApp, one of the largest mobile messaging services available, for $16 billion dollars, or roughly $40 per user. So far, WhatsApp did not have any major type of monetization strategy. With Facebook on board, you can expect ads and data mining, though Facebook is stating that they intend to run the company as a separate division, much like they have with Instagram.

So — are you done with WhatsApp, or does the Facebook purchase not bother you?


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Minecraft: Pocket Edition to get bigger worlds, wolves in upcoming update

Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-IconDaniel Kaplan of the Mojang team has published a blog post outlining a slew of upcoming changes to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and many exciting new features are seemingly to come including the ability to generate much larger worlds. Other announced changes include better overall AI for the game, an updated inventory, and “a bunch of other things.” As you can see in the screenshot after the break, it appears as if Mojang intends to bring the wolves/dogs we’ve known from the PC version of the game over to mobile devices as well. (more…)

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Popular to-do app Clear to go free for 24 hours


Clear, a popular to-do app, will soon see a price drop to free for 24 hours:

As Apple doesn’t offer a way to migrate users between copies of an app, we’re going to make Clear free for 24 hours so owners of Clear+ can move to the correct version free of charge.


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