Grab Your iPhone And Race Your Friends With Top Bot

IconTop Bot is a new addictive and challenging cartoon racing game that involves navigating your mid-air bot through various levels, collecting power-ups and tokens throughout the race. You can race against computerized bots or, by connecting through Facebook, battle against your friends for first place.

There are hundreds of options available to customize your bot to your liking, along with achievements that can be earned through Game Center. Ultimately, Top Bot is a fun pick-up-and-play style game that will fill the void in the waiting room, during a long car ride or even on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  (more…)

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Star Wars Pinball Brings the Force to iOS Once Again

Star Wars this, Star Wars that. There’s no doubt that the franchise has been milked and monetized to an extraordinary level. But you know, I can’t help but be excited when a new Star Wars game, movie, app, or even show is announced. Today’s news comes via the blog of game developer Zen Studios. Star Wars pinball is now available as an update and in-app purchase of their various pinball games. (more…)

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Photoshop Touch for iPhone Finally Launches

adobe-photoshop-touch-iconAdobe on Wednesday rolled out Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android smartphones, bringing a number of core features from the graphics editor to handheld devices. Most of the features have been adapted from Photoshop Touch for iPad, including layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters.

Utilizing a free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud, users can start a project on iPhone or iPad and finish it on the desktop using the full version of Photoshop. The free membership to Creative Cloud is bundled with 2 GB of complimentary cloud storage for saving your projects.

Adobe Photoshop Touch will set you back $4.99 on both the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android smartphones. The app requires iOS 6 or Android 4.0 or later. Will you be forking over five dollars to get your hands on Photoshop Touch?


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Tapbots Puts Pirates to Shame on Twitter

tweetbot-icon-logoOne of the downsides to jailbreaking is that it presents an avenue for pirates to download paid applications for free, even with Installous shut down. It would be unfair to say that the entire jailbreaking community partakes in this piracy, as that simply isn’t true, but there are still a significant number of users that quietly download apps for free on their jailbroken devices.

One of the victims of app piracy is Tapbots, the developer of popular Twitter client Tweetbot for iPhone. In retaliation, however, Tapbots has come back with a clever and rather awesome tactic that is surely humiliating for all pirates. When a user downloads a pirated copy of Tweetbot, the following embarrassing tweet is placed into the compose box automatically.

Update: It appears that the original Twitter user has since deleted the tweet, but we found another:

For those unsuspecting enough to publish the tweet, predominantly non-English speaking users, the result is rather humorous. Of course, this won’t necessarily help Tapbots regain any lost revenue. I mean, maybe a few pirates will have a guilty conscience and end up forking over the paltry $1.99 for the app after all. But at least the folks at Tapbots can grin with pride.

[Gizmodo UK via The Verge] Thanks, Chris!

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App Store “Trial Mode” Concept

App Store “Trial Mode” Concept

tumblr_inline_mi3vy5bLkJ1qz4rgpDevelopers can choose whether to allow a trial of 1, 7 or 30 days, or to disallow trials all together, on a per-app basis. For those apps that allow trials, the App Store would show a “Try for 7 days” button alongside “Buy app”.

If you install the trial app, it gets flagged with a “Trial” flag over the icon, in a similar way to the “New” flag that was introduced in iOS 6.

It’s been debated many times over whether or not a “trial” period for apps would be a good idea.  Something like this would effectively kill the “lite” app model that we’ve seen since the App Store’s origin. Is this something you would like to see? If so, what benefits does it have over the current system?

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How Long is the Mailbox Line?

How Long is the Mailbox Line?


Let’s assume that people standing in line take up an average of two feet of space, from back to back with room for personal space.

The line stretches over 300 miles into the distance. To put it in perspective, that’s further than London to the outskirts of Paris. It’s 30 miles longer than Hollywood to Las Vegas. It spans from the Bronx to Portland, Maine.

For those of you that don’t know, Mailbox is a renowned email client for iOS made by Orchestra, Inc. that many, many people are in line to use. According to the app’s developers, the line is in place to “ensure that people using Mailbox have a reliable and lightning-fast experience.” But exactly how long is that line? Have you made it in yet? I haven’t.

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‘Plants vs. Zombies’ Now Free on App Store

plants vs zombies

PopCap has discounted its popular Plants vs. Zombies zombie-zapping game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to free today, down from its regular prices of $2.99 for iPhone and $6.99 for iPad.

It is unknown how long the award-winning game will be on sale for, although PopCap could be transitioning this App Store title into a freemium title. Epic Games turned its older Infinity Blade game into a free download last week, and saw increased revenues across the board.

Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door.

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Cuboid: An Addictive iOS Puzzle Game

Cuboid 2

Cuboid, a 3D Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad, has become one of my favorite games. Cuboid is addictive and challenging. The goal is to twist and roll the cuboid into position to fall through a square hole.

As you go up through each level, new twists to the game are introduced. Wood blocks can’t withstand the weight of the cuboid standing straight up on it, teleporters can be a friend or foe, and coordinating which pressure-sensitive plates to trigger can be challenging. (more…)

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What is the Best Calendar App?

iOS calendar app

There’s an app for everything, almost literally. There are also multiple replacements for Apple’s stock apps, which often include features and services that Apple doesn’t support.

The calendar space is no different. For many, one of the main reasons of having a smartphone is in the PIM – Personal Information Management – functions. The stock application included with the iPhone is fine for basic tasks, but there are certainly better applications in the App Store for many people. (more…)

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Grab Your Favorite EA Games For Just 99 Cents Today

EA-MobileTo celebrate the Presidents Day holiday in the United States, game publisher Electronic Arts is offering heavy discounts on several of its popular App Store titles. EA has slashed the price of over 55 games to just 99 cents for the remainder of today only.

The sale is highlighted by the following smash hits: Need for Speed™ Most Wanted, NBA JAM, Dead Space, The Sims 3, Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2, and MONOPOLY for iPad. EA routinely discounts its mobile game lineup during holidays or special occasions.

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