Angry Birds Epic soft launches on App Store

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.48.24 AM

Rovio has soft launched Angry Birds Epic in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The latest game in the ever-so-popular Angry Birds franchise, available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is an RPG style game that involves turn-based battles, the exploration of Piggy Island, upgrades, weapons and more. Do note that the fourth-generation iPod touch and other older devices are not supported…  (more…)

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Microsoft OneNote now available for the Mac


Microsoft has released OneNote, its note-taking app, for the Mac. The program is available for free on the Mac App Store. Ironically, or perhaps not, Apple has even listed the app as its Editor’s Choice pick of the week, giving Microsoft’s product prime placement on the Mac App Store.

If you take notes and tend to work in the Microsoft ecosystem, grab it.

[Mac App Store]

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Apple adds “Sharing Selfies” section to the App Store

selllllfffiiiieeeOh gosh. I’m pretty sure that absolutely zero people asked for this. But it’s here. Apple has given it to us: An app feature section on the App Store entitled “Sharing Selfies.”

Personally, I’m about ready for the word “selfie” to die a slow, miserable death. I cringe when I hear it. (more…)

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OneNote for Mac coming later this month


The Verge is reporting that OneNote — a longtime Windows-only part of the Office suite focused on taking notes — will make its way to the Mac later this month. Additionally, the app is supposedly going to be released for the low, low price of free.

OneNote is one of the best parts of the Office suite on Windows, as anyone who uses it to take notes would support. The largest competitor it faces is EverNote, which has been available on the Mac since it was released.

[The Verge]

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iTunes Festival iOS app released

iTunes festival app

Despite rumors yesterday that the iTunes Festival app was being held for iOS 7.1 to be released, Apple has gone ahead and pulled the trigger, pushing out the new app ahead of SXSW and the iTunes Festival’s North American debut. The app update includes a UI overhaul, though some are being critical of the app, as it relies heavily on webviews. Regardless, you’ll have to have the app to stream next week’s performances!

[App Store]

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How do you feel about full-screen iAds?

iad-200x200As AdAge reported yesterday, Apple will soon be bringing full-screen video iAds to a free-to-play game near you. Free games will of course not be the only place you’ll find the ads, but games in general are where the money is if developers want to make money on a free app (see: Flappy Bird, etc.). As users become more aware of ads and the tricks developers use to get you to tap them, though, ad services have to make their ads a bit more intrusive to keep clients… (more…)

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Gmail app updated with background fetch

gmail app icon

Version 3.0 of Google’s Gmail iOS app will now automatically refresh in the background, downloading any new email to your device without requiring you to open the app first. This functionality — new under iOS 7 – will be a welcome addition for most users. Previously, the app would send a push notification for new email, but it wouldn’t download the email until the app was open.


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Pushbullet available for iPhone

pushbullet icon

Pushbullet is available for iPhone, after being exclusive to Android for some time, and it’s impressive. Essentially, Pushbullet allows you to send files, text, or basically anything else from your computer — Windows or Mac — to your iPhone with a single click.

The service works well, and is cross-platform, as it is available for both iOS and Android. If you need something similar to this, give it a try!

[App Store]

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Twitterrific 5 contains secret Flappy Bird mini game

Flappy Bird may no longer be available on the App Store, but that hasn’t stopped the folks at Twitterrific from pouncing on the opportunity to bundle a lookalike mini-game within its popular Twitter client. As discovered by a gentleman named Andy, and demonstrated on video by Jeff Benjamin at iDownloadBlog, the all-new Twitterrific 5 has a hidden easter egg…  (more…)

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You can check your heart rate with these iOS apps

heart rate monitor app iOS

The Galaxy S5 was launched earlier today at Mobile World Congress, and one of its headline features was the inclusion of a heart-rate monitor. You can already check your pulse with these iOS apps, both of which currently go for $1.99.

Both operate by placing your finger over the camera, and the app then takes a pulse from there. In my quick testing, both were very accurate, though you do need to have your finger placed flat against the lens. Heart Rate Monitor by Plus Sports also includes the ability to check your pulse by just looking at the front-facing camera. (more…)

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