Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Be First to Have Aluminum Design


One of the main criticisms that the Samsung Galaxy S4 receives is its polycarbonate enclosure, especially when competitors like Apple and HTC use sleeker aluminum in the iPhone and HTC One respectively. Critics will often refer to the Galaxy S4 as a cheap-looking smartphone because of this plastic design, but that could all change in the near future.

Samsung will finally switch to an all-aluminum unibody when it releases its next-generation Galaxy S5 smartphone, according to a new rumor from Android Geeks. The move is allegedly part of Samsung’s new “Design 3.0″ direction, which sounds more like catching up with what other smartphone makers have been doing for years.

A downside to the switch in materials will be the lack of a removable battery in the Galaxy S5, a feature appreciated by those that are constantly traveling and require ample battery life at all times. What else to expect from the Galaxy S5 remains unknown at this point, but what is on your wish list?

[Android Geeks via AndroidGuys]

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HTC One Mini Leaks, 4.3″ 720p Display in Tow


HTC’s One may be facing an uphill climb in the market, but perhaps a smaller version of the device will help the company’s bottom line. The device itself is literally just a smaller version of the One, complete with the front-facing speakers and premium design of its larger brother.

The specifications are also fairly high-end. While the 1080p panel has been switched out for a 4.3″ 720p display, the camera and display technology remain unchanged. Similarly, the build of the device appears to be identical — a very good thing, judging by how popular the design and build of the One are among consumers and reviewers alike.

Would you be interested in this smaller, presumably cheaper HTC device? Personally, yes — especially if the battery life is an improvement.


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Hackers Focus Entirely on Android, Not iOS or Other Platforms

Android Malware

Android is the number-one targeted mobile operating system by hackers, topping iOS and all other platforms, according to a quarterly report from security firm McAfee. Android was susceptible to over 14,000 threats in the first quarter, accounting for virtually all malware in the mobile space.

Malicious threats are centered upon the United States, China and Russia, but attacks are also emerging in other countries such as Australia, India, Italy, South Korea and Thailand. These threats include phishing attacks, commercial spyware and adware, botnets and trojan viruses.

[McAfee via BGR]

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Android User’s Galaxy S III Explodes and Lights on Fire While He is Asleep

Exploded Galaxy S III

Talk about a nightmare.

Reddit user vizionx1208 details a scary situation in which his Galaxy S III exploded while he was sleeping, presumably as a result of the lithium-ion battery overcharging. The user claims that everything about the smartphone was stock, including its battery and charger, and that it was not rooted. This is how the events unfolded, edited for clarity.  (more…)

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Vine Launches on Android

Vine for Android

Twitter on Monday announced that its popular video sharing app Vine will soon be available for Android, requiring 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later, with the same core automatic playback and sharing functionality as the iPhone version.

However, a number of other iOS features will be lacking from the Android app until further updates are made, including front-facing camera support, search, mentions and hashtags, and Facebook sharing integration. On the plus side, zoom and improved offline browsing will be exclusive to Android.  (more…)

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HTC One Running Stock Android Announced

HTC One Stock Android

Android head Sundar Pichai, speaking at the annual All Things Digital conference, just announced that a new version of the flagship HTC One smartphone running stock Android software will be available on June 26th. The smartphone will launch in the United States initially, compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, for $599 (32 GB) on the Google Play store.

The handset will ship SIM unlocked and with an unlockable bootloader, running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. Parallel to Nexus devices, the stock HTC One will receive further Android software updates from Google. HTC will continue to sell the handset with its Sense operating system, for those that prefer that experience.

This is the second high profile Android smartphone to receive the Nexus treatment in just a few weeks, as Google recently confirmed that it will be releasing a stock Samsung Galaxy S4 model running Jelly Bean. With identical software, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 can now be compared solely on hardware.

[HTC via AllThingsD]

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Motorola to Launch Flagship Moto X Smartphone By October

motorola_feature_logoMotorola will be releasing a “handful” of new Android-based smartphones by this October, including the flagship Moto X, according to company head Dennis Woodside.

The handset will be manufactured in the United States, at a 500,000-square-foot assembly plant just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. The processors and OLED screens will be outsourced from Taiwan and Korea respectively.

Woodside, speaking at the annual All Things Digital conference, claimed that the Moto X will be equipped with multiple sensors that require little power. These sensors will recognize when the smartphone is taken out of someone’s pocket, or change screen behavior when in a car traveling 60 miles per hour.  (more…)

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White Nexus 4 to Launch in Coming Weeks


Android handset partner LG confirmed on Tuesday that it will be launching a white version of the popular Nexus 4 smartphone in the coming weeks. The device will first be made available in Hong Kong tomorrow, followed by an international rollout across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East over the next several weeks.

Asides from the color variation, the white Nexus 4 looks to be the same as the original model. The smartphone has the same 4.7-inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 2 GB of RAM as the original device. It will be interesting to see if demand for the white Nexus 4 is as strong as the white iPhone craze of a few years ago.

[LG via Android Central]

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Samsung to Discuss Android and Windows Devices at June 20 Event

Samsung Premiere 2013

Samsung has issued an invite to members of the press for a media event called “Samsung Premiere 2013″ on June 20th, likely to launch new devices for its Android and Windows Phone lineups. The event will focus on Galaxy and Ativ devices, which is the South Korean handset maker’s branding for its Android-based and Windows-based smartphones respectively.

The event will take place at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, with doors opening at 6:00 PM local time ahead of a 7:00 PM start. A live stream of the event will be made available online via the YouTube channel for Samsung Mobile. What do you think Samsung will announce at the event?


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Android vs. iOS: It Shouldn’t Matter Who is Winning

Android iOS LogosHarry McCracken for TIME writes:

It would please me if it turned out that the mobile-platform wars continued on indefinitely, with both iOS and Android — and Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10, and operating systems yet to be invented — remaining viable, evolving and exciting. When there are multiple attractive options, and nobody feels forced into using a product unwillingly, consumers win. That’s the state of affairs right now. And isn’t it the only victory that really matters?

Android might have larger market share, and iOS might rake in more profits. But, at the end of the day, consumers still have options. The last thing anyone wants is a monopoly in the mobile space.

[TIME via The Loop]

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