The latest Android and iOS fragmentation numbers

iOS 7 adoptionIf there has been one knock against the Android platform over the years, it is most definitely fragmentation. Even four calendar years later, one in every five Android devices is still running the outdated Gingerbread version or older. But, the good news for Google is that the situation seems to be improving.

According to the latest version usage numbers, accurate as of a few days ago, nearly two out of every three Android devices is now running Jelly Bean or KitKat…  (more…)

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Samsung could debut all-new Galaxy S5 on February 24th

121120_galaxynoteII_074While Apple is rumored to release two next-generation iPhones later this year, it looks like South Korean handset maker Samsung could beat its California rival to the punch with the imminent release of its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Samsung today issued invitations to the media for a press conference on February 24th at Mobile World Congress, one of the most popular trade shows for smartphones and tablets. The event, which kicks off at 8:00 PM local time or 2:00 PM Eastern, is rumored to revolve around the launch of the Galaxy S5 or other big announcements…  (more…)

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Documents show the NSA collects personal app data

28mobile-tmagSF-v2Edward Snowden has been leaking various confidential U.S. government documents since last summer, but a new document, reported on by The New York Times and other publications, shows that the NSA has been scouring your iPhone and Android apps for personal data. Many popular apps including Angry Birds, Twitter, Google Maps, and Facebook were all mentioned in the report, so if you’re a user of one or all of these apps (which I can almost guarantee you are), you might want to read on. (more…)

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iPhone user gives pros and cons of Android and the Galaxy S4 — do you agree?

Galaxy S4 iPhone 5A devoted iPhone user took to Reddit under the pseudonym HairOnTheHead to discuss the experience had had switching to Android for six months. In his post, in which he attempted to remain neutral in his opinions, the user listed several pros and cons of using a Galaxy S4 over an iPhone 5…  (more…)

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Galaxy S5 rumored to equip fingerprint scanner


Android is not usually the hottest topic for conversation within Apple communities, but it is still important to keep an eye on what competitors like Samsung are working on behind closed doors. In the midst of rumors that Apple is planning to release larger-screen iPhones at some point this year, a new report from the Korean Herald (via GSMArena) suggests that its South Korean rival has been preparing a new device of its own — the Galaxy S5.

It is far from the first time that we’ve heard about the oft-rumored Galaxy S5, which would eventually replace the existing S4 model as Samsung’s flagship device in its smartphone lineup. Just a few weeks ago, it was speculated that the Galaxy S5 would arrive in April with the possibility of an Iris scanner and powerful specifications; among the components, a 64-bit eight-core Exynos processor was listed…  (more…)

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CyanogenMod 11 for Android KitKat: All you need to know

CyanogenMod 11 for Android KitKat: All you need to know

cyanogenmod1The stable release of CyanogenMod 10.2 has come and gone for Android 4.3 devices, and the developers of the custom skin have shifted focus to the next major version for Android KitKat. Just last week, the first builds of CyanogenMod 11 began rolling out for select devices.

iFans forum member Xerox has gone ahead and posted everything you need to know about CyanogenMod 11, including download links for the experimental releases of the software. If installing custom ROMs is your forte, grab your nearest Nexus, Galaxy, HTC or LG device and dive right in.

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Samsung tries to hide burnt Galaxy S4 and miserably fails

Samsung Galaxy S4 S 4 FlatMeet Richard Wygand. When his Galaxy S4 suddenly caught fire while charging, he reached out to Samsung to get his smartphone replaced. As you might expect, the South Korean company respectfully asked for proof of the incident. Fair enough. But when Richard followed up on that request, posting video evidence of the melted Galaxy S4 on YouTube, Samsung responded with legal jargon that attempted to sweep the issue under the rug.

In return for agreeing to replace the Galaxy S4 with a “similar model,” Samsung explicitly demanded that Richard remove the above YouTube video from his channel. The document also prohibited him from making any future videos or statements about the burnt smartphone, in addition to releasing the consumer electronics maker from holding any liability for the situation. So what did Richard do? He posted another video, alongside a full copy of the legal document Samsung wanted him to sign.

Checkmate, Samsung. The second video, in which Richard vents about the company mishandling an important safety issue, has gone on to accumulate close to 500,000 views in just four days — about four times the number of views on the first video. If Samsung didn’t know what the Streisand effect is before, they certainly do now. And just when we thought Samsung was doing marketing right.

[The Daily Dot]

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iOS 7 adoption reaches 74% in North America

iPhone iOS Version Distribution

iOS has long been an attractive mobile platform for developers because of its lack of fragmentation. When a new major version of iOS is released, a flock of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are always quick to update; as a result, Chitika reports that the number of iOS devices running iOS 7 or later has already reached 74.1 percent in North America.

Google doesn’t enjoy the same luxury, as 24.1 percent of all Android devices continue to run the three-year-old Gingerbread version. According to the study, the remaining 25.9 percent of iPhones continue to run an outdated iOS version: iOS 6 (22.4%), iOS 5 (2.6%), iOS 4 (0.9%) and iOS 3 (0.1%). Comparatively, 63.8 percent of iPads have been updated to iOS 7 so far.

[Chitika via TechnoBuffalo]

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