Preview: iPad 5 and iPad mini 2


We expect Apple to introduce two new iPads again this year, just like last year in October 2012. Moving forward to the next generation iPad mini and the fifth generation iPad, Apple’s iOS tablet experience. 

Just like last year Apple didn’t change the physical buttons or port locations on the iPad and even the iPhone for that matter. The power button will be on the top, home button on the bottom front center, lightning connector on the bottom and a volume and mute or orientation switch on the right hand side of the device. It’s all here. (more…)

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iTunes 11.1 Released with iTunes Radio Intergration

iTunes10Apple has just released iTunes 11.1 ahead of the impending iPhone 5s and 5c launch. In this new release is support for iOS 7, as well as the latest iPhone models and, most interestingly, iTunes Radio. Unfortunately, due to licensing iTunes Radio is only available in the United States. In some countries, Pandora lives to fight another day.

Another new feature found in this new release is a revamped iOS app organizer with home screen pages appearing side-bye side. What else have you found?

You can download the new update at Apple, or by updating from the app itself.

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9to5Mac: OS X Mavericks is Coming in Late October

MavericksMark Gurman of 9to5Mac reports that Apple’s ninth version of its Mac operating system, known as OS X Mavericks, or 10.9 will be released by the end of October. 10.9, which includes Apple maps and iBooks integration and several new power user enhancements, was first shown of June of this year at WWDC13. Mavericks has been in beta since then and Apple has seeded at least 7 developer previews of its new operating system. Gurman, who has been reputable in the past, reports that Apple is focusing on launching the redesigned iOS 7 as early as possible. (more…)

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Here’s a List of Fake Jailbreak and Unlock Sites

Here is a List of Fake Jailbreak and Unlock Sites
It’s important to have a real sense of detecting a fake jailbreak. A website that is asking you to complete a survey or asks for money is more than likely a fake jailbreak. To avoid being exposed to a fake jailbreak , or “failbr3ak” as its often known as, we have an old but still relevant guide available here. Meanwhile, popular website has created a list of fake jailbreak or unlocking websites for your safety.

If you see a site selling jailbreaking or unlocking software (or asking you to do a survey before downloading), it’s a scam. Some legitimate forms of unlocking are not free – third-party IMEI unlocks and SIM interposer devices both cost money – but ultrasn0w is always free. Please contribute to this list if you find a scam site. By listing them here, we can help people find good information when they search Google for more information about these sites.

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Will You Upgrade to iOS 7?

IOS 7 logo

With iOS 7 right around the corner, we’d like to know if you plan on upgrading to iOS 7 this fall. iOS 7 includes a new graphical refresh, AirDrop to quickly send files wirelessly to other iOS devices, Control Center to quickly toggle system features, and a redesigned Notification Center. iOS 7 is the visual refresh many users have been waiting for since 2007. While many users will wish to remain jailbroken either on iOS 6 or even iOS 5, the majority will likely be upgrading. Will you?


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What Time is the September 10th Keynote?


Official keynote invitations have been issued for the September 10th event to be held at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters in California. Among many other rumors, Apple is primarily expected to announce the 7th generation iPhone “5S” and the low-cost iPhone “5C.” But when? Hit the break for the list of times around the world. (more…)

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Get Your September 10th Wallpaper Here

What better way to celebrate Apple’s next keynote announcement than with wallpapers? Thientam Bach has whipped up some new wallpapers based on the invitation for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on Dribble. Get your red-hot wallpapers here.

Download links

iPhone 5:

iPhone 4/4S:

iPhone 3GS:

iPad mini:

iPad (Retina):


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Cydia: Celeste 2 Tweak Brings Bluetooth File Sharing to iOS 6

CocoaNuts, who developed Celeste in 2011, has finally released his Bluetooth file sharing app with support for iOS 6 in the form of Celeste 2. This jailbreak tweak integrates with several default iOS applications, allowing users to send and receive songs, photos, books, contacts and more from other smartphones — like an Android device or your Mac or PC.

That is, as long as both devices support the Bluetooth file sharing protocol OBEX. With this tweak, you can even control file transfers from the included Notification Center widget. Celeste 2 is on sale for $6.99 on Cydia until the “Summer Sale” ends on September 15th, returning to its regular price of $9.99 thereafter. It’s waiting to be installed on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad from the BigBoss repository.

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