iOS Theme Release – Ezra2


@TCcentex’s second version of his theme “E is for Ezra” was recently released for jailbroken iOS devices, titled Ezra2. You can find it under the ModMyi repository for $2.99. All proceeds go to the “Because of Ezra” campaign for fighting cases of neuroblastoma cancer. It’s a beautiful theme, and I highly suggest putting money towards a very good cause. And hey, you get an awesome theme out of it!

You can view more images by clicking here.

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Jay Freeman and the Legalities of Jailbreaking

Jay Saurik WWJC

This weekend at WWJC, Saurik talked law.. and a LOT of it. While a lot of what he was talking about seemed as if it was legal mumbo-jumbo, this is what I personally got out of it.

The DMCA wants to lock down what we have rights to, such as unlocking, repairing or modifying out electronic devices. Although, there have been exemptions for the jailbreaking of “telephones”. While that’s all good and dandy, what about devices that aren’t telephones? The iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV would not be included in any of these.

The copyright laws were also made exempt in respect to piracy, as someone that jailbreaks an iOS device is not always one to steal applications. Although to this day, the DMCA still isn’t specific enough to making the act of jailbreaking exempt to tablets and other things, because they don’t really know what to call these devices. Sure, they’re called iPads and iPods, but what category do they both really fall under?  (more…)

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Pimskeks Goes In-Depth on iOS 6 Exploit at WWJC


Pimskeks is an IT expert from Germany, and CEO of a company he founded, samaraIT. He also got his first iPhone in 2008, and develops on Linux but switched over to Mac. He has developed some tweaks since 2010, and joined the Chronic Dev Team in 2010 as well. He has since been developing exploits for iOS.

@planetbeing started to look for kernel vulnerabilities in late 2012, and found a dyld vulnerability allowing for execution of unsigned code, but not all of the required jailbreak elements had been discovered yet.

When Apple moved from iOS 5 to 6, they implemented a security feature to disallow access userland memory from the kernel. The added KASLR also obfuscated objects and calling functions making it harder to reverse engineer the programming. LaunchDaemons are loaded from signed dyld and daemons on the filesystem are ignored.  (more…)

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Filippo Bigarella on Making Tweaks

Filippo Bigarella

Filippo Bigarella, coming all the way from Italy, got his first iPhone, the iPhone 3GS with the old bootrom, and first jailbroke his device back in November of 2009. His first tweak simply placed an “ask for confirmation before sending email” within the, but the first tweak he released into Cydia Store was FreeSync, which allowed a person to use their phone while it synced to iTunes. Filippo also joined TweakWeek in June of 2011, and did indeed make one tweak a day for seven days. Later in 2011, he created Springtomize, a widely popular app for iOS which intuitively allows you to customize your device.  (more…)

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iOS Developer Adam Bell Talks Jailbreak Tweaks at WWJC 2013

Adam Bell WWJC

Adam Bell started jailbreaking during the iOS 1.x.x days, and loved the concept of how iOS devices could be jailbroken. He started by making a replacement for music app, since he was pretty annoyed with it.

Since then, he has created Stride, Cascade, PostOffice, and other great tweaks that you see in Cydia Store today. One of his tweaks, MessageBox, ‘removed’ Chat Heads from Facebook chat and overlaid into the Springboard and over other applications. To get this application to work, he used XPC framework and CyCript. BackBoard was also used to allow Chat Heads to stay open without the launch daemon ‘Watchdog’ killing backgrounded applications.  (more…)

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WWJC: Joshua Hill Talks OpenJailbreak

Joshua Hill WWJC

iFans forum member Robert Calaceto is attending the annual Worldwide Jailbreak Conference this weekend in New York City, delivering up-to-the-minute coverage of the event as it unfolds. Several prominent members of the jailbreaking community are at WWJC this year, including Cydia founder Jay Freeman (saurik), iOS hacker Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) and jailbreak developers Adam Bell (b3ll) and Ryan Petrich (rpetrich).

What is Open Jailbreak?

Absinthe-jailbreakWell for starters, OpenJailbreak is obviously is not a jailbreak. The fragmentation of the jailbreak scene has been a slight problem, and so we want everything in the right place with this project. Many users jailbreak their iOS device for different reasons, and there are different kinds of users.

Some users jailbreak their devices predominantly to obtain free apps, while others do so for the true customization of their iOS device. Then, of course, there are the people that bring us those iOS extensions, and lastly the security researchers that help make all these things possible.  (more…)

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