Google to Offer Free Holiday Wifi on Domestic Flights

One of the most compelling reasons for jailbreaking the iPhone is the ability to tether it to an iPad and avoid the additional cost of the iPad 3G data plan. Using MyWi, users can have a wifi hotspot anytime anywhere. The down side is the battery drain. Users can surf the web and email to their hearts’ desires during permitted times on an airplane, only to have dead phones upon landing. Gogo Inflight Wifi is sometimes an option, but at a price of $4.95 – $12.95, depending on the length of the flight. In a repeat gesture of last year’s generosity, Google will again be offering free Wifi connectivity on all domestic flights for the holiday season (Nov. 20th – Jan. 2nd).  Participating airlines include AirTran Airways, Delta and Virgin America.  The FAA reports they expect 100 million passengers to be travelling over the holidays.  The free Wifi will be available on over 700 domestic flights.


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