Nothing in life is free…

… unless it’s on the iAppWorld app.

The Apps Store is brimming to bursting point with wily developers trying to find a way to ring up a few more sales or increase their app exposure. Unscrupulous methods aside, the most popular way is to take a small hit on your sales revenue by heavily discounting or giving away free copies of an app for a limited time in return for a quick fix boost up the App Store charts.  The more popular apps will hang in the charts after the freebie is over and the fresh exposure and new sales will hopefully more than make up for the revenue lost.

There’s a couple of places to watch for these discounted or free apps: the dedicated thread here on Multi-touch fans or via services that promote free apps, like the Openfeint app or freeappaday site.

Until today I wasn’t aware of a service that grouped the day’s top free apps in one place and then I happily wondered across a small free app called, which keeps you updated on the top free apps, ranking them and even providing reviews and push notifications.  Probably worth a look, if only to add to your growing list of free app reference tools. If you’ve come across something similar or better then let us know in the comments.

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