Saurik Speaks on OS Modification, Jailbreaking

Over at Hacker News, Saurik (the developer of Cydia) has made a very interesting post about operating system modification, and makes a case for ‘open’ devices. He also makes a good point comparing Android to iOS: Despite Google’s mobile OS being open source, users still have to ‘root’ it to make system-level modifications, which is essentially no different than jailbreaking. “In a future where Apple did /exactly what you are asking them to do/ almost nothing will have changed.“ The post is definitely worth a read, and may even change your mind on Apple’s “walled garden” approach to software distribution.

So please… PLEASE… I /implore/ you: drop the battle to get Apple to open up their App Store(s). Instead, work on getting Apple to open up their /device/ (and, in the case of desktop Mac OS X, to maintain the reasonable open-ness of their MacBook line of computers). Until users are able to install whatever software they wish on the hardware that they own we will not truly have won back any of our freedom.

He also gave a presentation at a TEDx event, regarding the same topic. At the very least, check out the shirt he is wearing for a good laugh.

[Hacker News] via [chpwn]

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