Android-like Scrolling Wallpaper Hack

One of the first things Android users notice when testing out the OS is the panoramic wallpaper scrolling while flipping through homescreens. It adds a nice touch, and is definitely missed in iOS. Now, there is a new tweak in Cydia called “Parallax”, which attempts to bring this feature to jailbroken devices. According to the developer, it’s pretty memory intensive, so users with older devices may want to stay away. A widescreen wallpaper is needed in order to get the best effect, but any size will do. You can check out a video it in action on YouTube.

The tweak is $1.49, though there is a similar app in Cydia called Panorama for $1.99. Check out both, and decide which is better for yourself. (And if you have experience with both, let us know your findings in the comments!)

Update: Some of our users recommend Simple Background, which is free. Thanks guys!


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