Running App Follow-Up: Google Thinks I’m a Robot

This Sunday I had the opportunity to test out RunKeeper Live for myself. I ran in a local marathon and put RunKeeper through its paces. I started the app a few minutes before the race to get a sense of potential power issues. It was draining at about 1% per minute! Now I’m slow, but at that rate, even the world record holder wouldn’t have enough juice to send out updates for a complete marathon. Once the gun went off, I didn’t give it much thought. I checked it around mile 19, 3:45 into the race (I told you I was slow) and was pleasantly surprised to see the battery hadn’t completely drained. However it had only 7% juice left so I had to turn my phone off.  After the race I checked Facebook to see the app had sent updates to my Facebook wall directing friends to the RunKeeper website.  Albeit a bit embarrassing for me, my friends and family were able to watch my progress so the app did work well.  I posted later to confirm I hadn’t quit, just ran out of battery.  The automatic updates sent by the phone had an interesting side effect: Google thought I was a robot.  When I tried to complete a search, Google stopped me, asking me to prove I was indeed human.  I entered a captcha and clicked the “I’m human” button to confirm my corporal existence and Google was satisfied.   I wonder how many times I can use the app before Google decides I am a lying android?

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