Review: iFrogz DJ Style Headphones, 1 Year Later

Ed. Note: This review was written by bryster126.

One year ago, I reviewed the DJ Style headphones from iFrogz. They are a great product and I still love them. But, things change over the course of a year. This is when we get to find out if the headphone’s build quality actually lives up to their awesome hipster-like looks.

When I first reviewed these headphones, the fit was very tight for me, and even painful after a couple hours of listening (or PC gaming). As with every set of headphones, they’ll tend to not be as tight after the first couple months of use. The headphones feel way more comfortable than the day I first put them on; I can wear them for hours without strain to my head or ears. This brings me to my second point: the padding.

The padding on the headphones on day 1 felt superb, although the amount and quality of the padding was not really enough to fit up there with the big guys like the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and dare I say Skullcandy’s line of over the ear headphones. The padding was soft and comfortable, though. Using the headphones today feels no different than the day I got them, but feeling the padding with my fingers, I can definitely tell that it has become more firm and less squishy.

The overall quality of these headphones has decreased greatly since the first day I got them. The hinges holding the cans to the upper frame, which allow them to move 180 degrees in the opposite direction, have become looser than when I first used them. The right can of the headphone moves more freely than the left can for some reason, and the plush padding on the cans are able to move about freely, as the hot glue that was holding it has warn out (although the padding won’t fall off because there is still something holding it in place, it will just swivel). The red upper head padding has somehow found its way out of the blue piece of plastic holding it together. Even though the quality has severely decreased over the past year, this is what I’d expect from mid-range headphones. Also, these problems may be the result of my religious usage of the headphones for PC gaming and the fact that I use them a couple of hours a day. In the grand scheme of things, the physical quality doesn’t matter, because the audio quality has not decreased at all.

The bass on these headphones is as superb as ever. Some people believe that headphones have a burn-in quality, but I don’t hear any difference since the first day I used them. The vocals still sound crisp and clear, are there is no fuzzy sound that can come from some of the Skullcandy headphones, or the Apple buds. The bass still blows me away, and is where these headphones excel. Compared to in-ear earbuds, over-ear headphones will give you a better sense of your music. I game a lot, and if you’re a gamer you know how important sound is—especially being able to hear footsteps. The game that I play the most is Team Fortress 2. If you’ve ever played TF2, then you know that there are spies that can kill you in 1 shot, and they are always sneaking up behind you. When spies uncloak behind me, I am able to turn around and light them on fire. After being banned from a couple of servers for “hacking” I realized how much this has helped me in the game. It feels great not to get stabbed in the back by spies, all thanks to these headphones. It has been a very helpful skill. All in all, the sound is superb for gaming.

Now that I have finished re-reviewing this product, I’d like to say that I love these headphones, despite the fact that the quality has been reduced. The company, iFrogz, was a relatively new-to-me one year ago when I first reviewed these headphones. Throughout the past year, iFrogz has really grown. They have revamped their website and have been pushing out new products such as cases and earphones throughout the past year. They have newer versions of their signature DJ-style headphones, but the original is still available for sale from The newer products address some issues, such as the Mogul, which has aero foam for its padding, and the Ronin, which uses spring-loaded hinges. I really have had a great experience over the past year with these headphones, but maybe it’s time to move on. My original thread can be found with unboxing and product pictures. Thanks for reading.

DISCLAIMER: These headphones were provided from iFrogz at no cost to myself. This review is in no way biased because of that.

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