Running Apps Offer Live Tracking

On Sunday, November 7th, some 30,000 runners will line up to complete the ING NYC marathon. Over 2,000,000 spectators will line the streets of the five boroughs. Supporters can track their runners via text, web or mobile app. But you don’t have to run in the big leagues to enjoy the support of family and friends your next race day or even your next long run. Recent features added to iMapyMyRun and RunKeeper allow users to track runners and posts distances, paces and times directly to Facebook.

Auto-route recording, web site integration for recording workouts and social networking updates are fairly common aspects of several fitness apps.  What sets iMapMyRun and Run Keeper Live is the ability to send real-time updates to the web and social networks.

Both apps essentially act the same for live tracking, displaying a Google map with the runners route and information.  RunKeeper also allows for geotagged photos, so a fellow runner or friend can see real-time images of your run.

iMapMy Run is a free ad-supported app.  An ad free version is $4.99.  RunKeeper is also a free app,but to access the live tracking function, the user must sign up for RunKeeper Elite at a cost of $19.99 per year or $4.99 per month.  You can check out a YouTube video of the tracking abilities and geotagging in action here.

RunKeeper’s iTunes rating is 3 stars from over 23,000 users.  Current version has some reported bugs with a resulting score of 2 1/2 stars.

iMapMyRun has earned 2 1/2 stars from over 11,ooo ratings with 3 stars for the current version.

Both apps seem to have some issues including reported crashes, failures to load, and heavy drains on iPhone battery life.

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