Apple Leapfrogging USB 3.0 in Favor of Light Peak?

According to Cnet, Intel will be deploying its “Light Peak” data transfer technology in early 2011, and Apple—a driving force behind the interface—will be following closely behind. Light Peak is a replacement for USB (and many other buses), and offers speeds of up to 10 gigabits per seconds in both directions simultaneously, which is easily 2-3x faster than USB 3.0.

Last week, Apple dismissed the new USB technology, and cited the lack of support from Intel as a motivating factor to not adopt it. Considering that Light Peak is designed directly by both Intel and Apple, there is a very good chance that a near-future generation of Apple products will support it.

But Apple is expected to back Light Peak, if past comments from Intel still hold. Shortly after its annual developer conference in 2009, Intel said that it had showed the technology to third parties, got feedback, then incorporated the feedback into the next design, adding, at that time, that “Apple is an innovating force in the industry.” (Apple has reportedly claimed that it conceived the idea for Light Peak.)


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