Plex Client Ported to Apple TV 2

An enterprising Plex user has successfully ported the iOS app to the new Apple TV, allowing media to be streamed from a Plex media server straight to the set-top-box. Normally, media can only be streamed via AirPlay on iTunes, so this is a great alternative for jailbroken devices.

Plex is a fork of xbmc, a media center application that allows information about movies, TV shows, and music to be scraped and sorted automagically, with minimal effort. It is much more versatile than iTunes, so users with a large media database may find it more appealing.

I have been playing around with Jailbreak for the new ATV and put together a Tech-Demo that brings the first Plex Client to the new Apple TV. You can get a rough idea by watching this video.

The Software so far is nothing more than a proof of concept, which isn’t tested at all. However there are some known issues:

  • “Local Servers” screen does only update when you press the up or down button on your remote
  • Larger Sections timeout while they are loaded and do never show up
  • Only Video playback is working (no music files, no images, no App-Management)

Detailed installation instructions can be found on the Plex forums.


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