Will you continue using WhatsApp?

WhatsAppFacebook announced yesterday that it will be acquiring popular cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp in a deal that could total a whopping $19 billion. The news has been dominating headlines across the tech landscape ever since, and for good reason. WhatsApp boasts an impressive 450 million monthly active users, and over 1 million more sign up every day… 

As part of the announcement, Facebook has ensured that WhatsApp will remain an independent subsidiary and that nothing would change for users. But considering that the social networking company has introduced ads on Instagram, one could assume that it will eventually look to monetize WhatsApp in various ways.

How do you feel about Facebook having corporate ownership over WhatsApp? Will you continue to use the platform, or are you planning to switch to competing services like Viber, Kik Messenger or even iMessage? I will be sticking with WhatsApp for now, as a daily user, but any impromptu changes could make me think otherwise.

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