Skyfire ‘Sold Out’

The popular Skyfire browser has been temporarily, ‘sold out,’ in just a few hours due to its sheer popularity.

The developer team of Skyfire—currently the only browser to play Adobe ‘Flash’ videos—has decided to pull the innovative app because of unbearably heavy server load. There is nothing technically wrong with the app, and Apple has not gone back on their decision to accept it (as some rumors suggested); instead, the problem lies in the way Flash content is delivered.

Flash content it processed on Skyfire’s servers for you, and is sent back to your device in a different format. Therefore, it can and can’t play Adobe Flash formatted videos. Since the browser was a smashing success, for this feature alone, it has produced more demand for videos than the developer’s servers could handle. That’s not a mean feat, considering Skyfire is available on Android and Windows Mobile as well. More than anything, this shows that people still want Flash on their iDevices.

The current situation looks as if Skyfire will be ramping up their server’s capacity, and until they are finished, the purchasing will be controlled so as not to create a flood of users and slow down the system for everyone.

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