Popular to-do app Clear to go free for 24 hours


Clear, a popular to-do app, will soon see a price drop to free for 24 hours:

As Apple doesn’t offer a way to migrate users between copies of an app, we’re going to make Clear free for 24 hours so owners of Clear+ can move to the correct version free of charge.

To make sure as many people as possible can move to Clear, we’re going to do this twice in the next few weeks. We know this is risky – we rely on the income from Clear to run our small, independent company – and so whilst this was by no means an easy decision for us to make, we simply want to do the right thing for you, our customers.

This price drop is occurring due to a rather confusing situation: when iOS 7 was released, the original version of Clear was removed from the App Store, and replaced with another app. Previous users had to pay to upgrade to that version, which had been updated to contain support for the iPad, as well as various UI tweaks to better fit in with iOS 7. User backlash forced Realmac, the developers behind the app, to put the original version back. The new version was renamed “Clear+”, and had the advantage of being updated for iOS 7 and being a universal app.

2013-05-08 15_06_34-Clear for iPhone (Coming Soon!) - Official Video - YouTube

Clear+ is now gone, and the old version of Clear has been updated with iOS 7 and iPad support. Users who bought Clear+ but had never purchased Clear will therefore want to visit the source link and sign up to be notified of when the price drop will occur. Considering the regular price is $4.99, it’ll be worth it.

[Realmac Software]

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