iOS 7 tip: Don’t close your apps if you want updates, notifications


Here’s a quick iOS 7 tip that may not be clear to everyone — it wasn’t clear to me until fairly recently. Under iOS 7, the multitasking APIs changed so that apps have more flexibility. They can take better advantage of the powerful specs of modern iOS devices. However, these changes have resulted in at least one major — and often unknown — break from past versions of iOS.

Under iOS 7, if you close out of an app by going to the multitasking “cards” view and swiping up, you will no longer receive notifications for that app. So, if I’m in Tweetbot and want to receive push notifications as quickly as possible, I do not want to close out of the app. Instead, leave it running — the impact on battery life should be negligible, thanks to the way that iOS 7′s multitasking APIs are engineered. The same goes for basically any app that isn’t a system app.


It’s something to keep in mind when using your phone. I previously made it a point to close out of all of my apps. With iOS 7, I’ve broken that habit and left apps running, and my experience has improved as a result.

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