iOS 8 Healthbook mockups “vaguely” resemble actual app


A member of the MacRumors forums today posted some mockups that he created of the Healthbook app that is said to be included with iOS 8 as part of a push by Apple to focus on more health-related technologies. 9to5mac, the original site that published the Healthbook story, then stated that the mockups “vaguely” resemble the app that is still in development and on track for a release with iOS 8:

According to sources, the mockups are “vaguely” the right idea. Of course, Apple is likely testing multiple different user-interfaces for this software, and since we are several months out from an official introduction, things can and likely will change (even drastically)…


The Healthbook rumors are interesting, and this push by Apple into the fitness and lifestyle market supposedly will come alongside an iWatch fitness tracker. Only time will tell whether or not the app actually looks like the above mockups — we should know at WWDC.


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