JP Morgan analyst wants Apple to release an OS X-iOS device


Despite the idea of two different operating systems being bolted together being a disastrous move for Microsoft, an analyst believes that such a product could “jump start” OS X and iOS sales. I’m not sure why either of those need to be jump started, particularly with the most recent sales figures, but hey — he’s an analyst.

“While not a new idea, our global tech research team believes Apple could be on the cusp of introducing a new category with iAnywhere, a converged MacOS-iOS operating system that allows an iPhone or iPad┬áto dock into a specially configured display to run as a computer,” Moskowitz said. “In our view, this category would be a leapfrog event, potentially jumpstarting iPhone and iPad growth as well as peripherals and cloud-based software and services sales.”

This concept was recently dismissed by Apple executives, so that could either be a confirmation of it happening or the nail in the coffin. Regardless, it doesn’t seem likely — Apple has made it clear that its Mac business is for a different set of tasks than the iPad is designed for. Actual use and Microsoft’s results with Windows 8 would seem to reaffirm this concept.


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