Surenix is at it again with ayeris, an amazing new theme for iOS 7


Do I even need to write an article about this? Surenix, the designer behind the Ayecon Winterboard theme and the UI for the evasi0n jailbreak, is at it again–this time reinventing iOS 7.

Since iOS 7 was released, countless theme creators have been quick to point out the flaws in its design. Many have attempted to release slightly-changed themes to “fix” the problems left by Jony Ive and his team, and many have released some pretty good work. But none compare to ayeris, a new theme that maintains the current flat, gradient-filled iOS 7 aesthetic, while fixing many of the gripes commonly made about the current iOS 7 design.

Surenix became well known for his work on ayecon, one of the most well-regarded themes to ever be released on the Cydia store. Surenix recently re-released the legendary Ayecon theme for iOS 7, but it’s evident he has had another tric up his sleeve the whole time.

For now, the above image is all we have in terms of what the theme will look like. I’m going to install it the second it’s released. According to the above image, that day will be the 21st of February. What do you think?

Thanks to iFans member Age for the tip!


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