iPhone 6 to be “bezel-free”

2014-02-11 12_21_29-Mac Rumors_ Apple Mac iOS Rumors and News You Care AboutAccording to a report from The Korea Herald this morning surrounding both Apple’s upcoming iPhone and the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 will sport a new bezel-free display when it launches later this year. While most of the report focused on the Samsung side of things, it was mentioned that the iPhone 6 will be similar to the future Galaxy phone in this way, and that the next iPhone will also of course be shipping with Touch ID.

“Scanning fingerprints on the entire screen, which was much talked about recently, will be available in the latter half of this year as there are still technological hurdles to overcome,” [the source] added, hinting that the production yield for the full-screen fingerprint scanner is still far from satisfactory.

The source said that Samsung’s top rival Apple is also testing a similar prototype sporting a bezel-less screen that features a fingerprint scanner.


It may look a bit jarring at first, because we’re all quite used to seeing that thin strip of bezel around the left and right sides of the screen. But to put things in perspective, didn’t the back of the iPhone 5 look jarring at first too? Those two glass pieces at the top and bottom looked pretty weird. Now, I kind of like them. I’m sure I’ll get used to this too.

[via MacRumors]

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