Forbes’ interview with Flappy Bird creator

Another interesting story regarding Flappy Bird, and this time we get to hear what the developer himself thinks about his app’s success, and his choice to pull the app from both the App Store and Google Play. Forbes sat down with Dong Nguyen to discuss the hit game.

Why was it pulled? It seems that Dong Nguyen has two reasons: first, it was addictive. He seems to have felt bad that people were wasting hours playing the game. Second, he was receiving massive amounts of feedback, and not all of it was positive. He received death threats, as well as notes that conveyed how frustrated users were over the game.

It sounds like a massive headache that most companies have entire divisions to deal with — Dong Nguyen is a one-man shop, and he simply didn’t want to deal with the complexity of hiring people to deal with the complexities that Flappy Bird presented.

Never fear, though — he’ll still make games, and it seems as if other games that were inspired by¬†Flappy Bird may be well underway.


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