Facebook Updating Mobile Apps

Zuckerberg’s big announcement today was not a “Facebook Phone”, but rather a major update to their line of mobile applications. First up is “single sign-on”, which will allow users to easily logon to websites to take advantage of promos and deals. They also introduced a location API to allow 3rd party apps to integrate with Places, so users can check-in outside of the Facebook app.

Disappointingly, it looks like Facebook will not be developing an iPad app. (Or, they really don’t want to talk about it at a mobile-centric event.)

Q: So, the iPad has been out for a while — are you building an iPad app?

A: (Zuckerberg) The iPad’s not mobile. Next question.

Kind of a lame reason, if you ask me. Creating universal iOS apps can’t be that hard—they should, at the very least, make an “HD” version. Browsing the full website on an iPad is very tedious.

Other than that, it’s good news all around, though the “single sign-on” and new location services seem to be centered around advertising, but since it is all opt-in, it shouldn’t matter to anyone who doesn’t want it to.

Additionally, the Android app has gained Groups, Places, and in-app notifications (and is available now).


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