Flappy Bird creator receives death threats after pulling the game from App Store

Flappy Bird LogoIt has been an interesting few days to say the least for Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen. Since just minutes after tweeting that he would be removing the ever-so-popular arcade game from the App Store, the Vietnamese developer has faced significant backlash from frustrated users on Twitter. Some fans of the game have even gone as far as threatening to kill Nguyen for his impromptu decision to remove the app. Just a little over the top, perhaps… 

“Someone hunt down and kill Don Nguyen,” one tweet reads. Another inexplicably says, “Dong Nguyen, kill yourself.” These threats, alongside satire news stories, have actually convinced a large portion of Twitter users to think that Nguyen has in fact committed suicide. Those allegations are false, although Nguyen has not tweeted since a few moments after announcing the impending removal of Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird was largely an unknown game on the App Store until just over a month ago, when it seemingly struck viral gold and skyrocketed up the free app charts. Nguyen did not anticipate this success, according to a recent interview, and also claimed that the press was overhyping his games. On top, Nguyen claimed in a recent interview that he was making upwards of $50,000 per day in ad revenues off the blockbuster game.

Despite the incredible success, Nguyen made a series of tweets that imply he might not have been comfortable with the newfound fame he earned from Flappy Bird. He ultimately decided to remove the game, while denying that the move was being made because of legal issues, just twenty-four hours after pushing a minor update for the app with user interface enhancements and more.

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