Apple’s iWatch may have “simpler” capabilities

The iWatch is real, according to various people, but it may not be as advanced as earlier reports and mockups — likely based on little to no real information — may have suggested. Instead, it appears that Apple is looking to corner the health and fitness tracking market, and will likely make the iWatch a companion device to an iPhone or iPad.

MobiHealthNews reports:

A source tells us that the team Apple has assembled is intended to ensure that the health sensing capabilities of the device are efficacious. Some fitness tracking devices available today primarily give users feedback in the form of an arbitrary points system — like Nike Fuel. Apple will likely not do this, but instead focus on real metrics like calories. Having a team with such advanced pedigrees will help ensure Apple’s device is accurate. Don’t expect glucose sensing though.

In other words, the crazy, barely-out-of-the-lab features that have been making the rounds aren’t likely to make it into the device. Apple could make a run at cornering this market, and they would likely be able to gain a decent amount of growth out of the segment.

[MobiHealthNews via MacRumors]

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