iPhone cases: Otterbox or Lifeproof?


The iPhone has a remarkable number of cases available for it. The Otterbox and the Lifeproof cases both tend to be cover the heavy-duty side of the market. Giving an iPhone to a kid/pre-teen/teen/irresponsible adult? You’d better get them a decent case. But which is better, the Otterbox or the Lifeproof case?

The Lifeproof case has the advantage of being thinner, while also being waterproof up to six feet. Depending on where you buy, it can be expensive: Amazon has one for $56.99 currently.

The Otterbox is thicker, but it’ll survive a major fall better than the Lifeproof case. It isn’t waterproof, either. It also has an included screen protector, which is a good thing for protection, but bad because it decreases the quality of the screen. It’s available for $20.00 on Amazon currently.

What do you think? Is the Lifeproof superior or does the Otterbox still reign supreme, as long is it doesn’t rain? Sound off in the comments!

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