Long Shadow Love iOS 7 theme now available


Here’s something new. It may look quite familiar, but I’m here today to let you know that a brand new theme, Long Shadow Love, otherwise known as LSL, is now available for free on Cydia. While Long Shadow Love may look a lot like Zanilla and Solstice, the theme aims to be a higher-quality version of those themes. What’s better? The theme is shipping with both iPhone and iPad versions readily available. Read more after the break.

The developer has the following to say on the official Long Shadow Love website:

Long Shadow Love started as a weekend experiment exploring the possible use of long shadows on iOS 7. With all the traction gained onBehance, I received tonnes of requests to make this into an icon theme for Winterboard; and so I present to you my very first Cydia theme. I hope you like it. A big shoutout to redittors Koby Jordan and Kevin Durham for helping me develop and beta test.


Sadly, while Long Shadow Love may ship with some of the most beautiful long-shadow icons, the theme’s creator hasn’t done the best job of including icon support. The stock icons are excellent, but even some of the most popular apps like Snapchat and Google Hangouts are oddly missing. For those, I would recommend you simply use the Solstice versions.

Head over to the theme’s official website for download links, but you can find the theme on the Modmyi repo as well. Let us know what you think in the comments.

[Long Shadow Love]

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