Use this tweak and you’ll never have to let anyone borrow your phone again

2014-02-07 15_06_47-VRxYeux.gif (361×640)It’s pretty easy to get selfish with your smartphone, especially if it’s brand new. When I first purchased my iPhone 5, I didn’t want to let anyone use it–ever.  It really is unfortunate that I didn’t have CCFakeLowBattery on hand at that time, though, cause I didn’t have much excuse not to let people give my shiny new phone a try.


As you can see, when you have the tweak installed, a new button is added to Control Center that artificially changes the charged status of the battery. Now, when a friend asks you use your phone, just tell them that it’s about to die. Pretty simple. You can grab CCFakeLowBattery for CCToggles on Cydia for free.

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