GuestMode tweak adds a guest account to iOS

UntitledIf there’s any one feature that i’ve seen requested over and over agin since the early days of the iPhone–that Apple has yet to deliver on–it’s this one. Much like our Macs and PCs have a guest account for use by, well, guests, the iPhone should be able to provide access to certain apps (designated by the owner) without a passcode, right? We pass our phones around to play games, let other people use them to call their friends, and showcase our latest iPhoneography. Shouldn’t there be a way to let our friends and family have controlled access to our device? We’ve ben able to do this with different tweaks in the past, but now we can achieve it on iOS 7 by way of a new jailbreak weak called GuestMode.

Watching the embedded video above will give you a good idea of how the tweak works. As you might expect, the main configuration option for this tweak is deciding which apps the user should have access to when in guest mode. The ability to allow access to the phone app, but only the dialer, is also a very nifty feature. If you think you might be interested in GuestMode, be sure you’re running iOS 7 and keep your eye on Cydia; the tweak should be available very soon.
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