The latest Android and iOS fragmentation numbers

iOS 7 adoptionIf there has been one knock against the Android platform over the years, it is most definitely fragmentation. Even four calendar years later, one in every five Android devices is still running the outdated Gingerbread version or older. But, the good news for Google is that the situation seems to be improving.

According to the latest version usage numbers, accurate as of a few days ago, nearly two out of every three Android devices is now running Jelly Bean or KitKat… 

Android usage 2014

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has an adoption of 35.5-percent, making it by far the most popular version running on devices as of present. Gingerbread is the runner-up with 20-percent distribution, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean trails in third at 16.3-percent usage.

Meanwhile, usage of iOS 7 has already soared to 80-percent, less than five months after its public release. iOS 6 is still hanging on to 17-percent adoption, and all older versions account for just 3-percent of devices. Android usage is based on devices accessing the Play Store, whereas iOS similarly tracks who is visiting the App Store.

Sources: Android Dashboard, Apple Developer

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