How to: Theme Flappy Bird with Winterboard

mzl.xqyzscwo.175x175-75Flappy Bird is the current iOS gaming fad, and as many iFans users have pointed out, it can be very frustrating. If it’s so frustrating, though, why don’t we have a little fun? A few artists have decided that Flappy Bird’s default art is a bit boring, so they’ve used Winterboard to theme the game to look like Canabalt, Nicholas Cage, and more. Follow after the break where we’ll walk you through how to theme Flappy Bird into being Super Mario Bird, Flappy Doge, Flappy Cage, or CanaBird. Or, if you’re a real Flappy Bird enthusiast, you could give all four custom Winterboard themes a try. 

Flappy Cage

2014-02-05 14_14_57-oBkntsN.jpg (640×1136)The first theme we’re featuring is called Flappy Cage, and it gives Flappy Bird a Nicholas Cage makeover. This one is the easy to install and get running because there is a Winterboard package available for free right now on Cydia. Just search “Flappy Cage,” enable it in Winterboard, and open the app. You should be presented with a screen similar to the one you see on the right, and a flappy Cage head that tries to dodge the pipes.


cLGsXH8Depending on how long you’ve been around the iOS community, you’re almost surely familiar with the famous Canabalt running game. In fact, the game is quite similar to Flappy Bird in its simplicity. Apparently, someone noticed this and decided Flappy Bird needed a black & white theme to match Canabalt’s unique style. Like Flappy Cage, you can grab CanaBird from Cydia for free and you need to apply it with Winterboard.

Flappy Doge

N78PFBaFlappy Doge is a lot like Flappy Cage and CanaBird, but instead of the infamous actor and black and white backdrops, you get to fly through the pipes as a cute little doge. Sadly, this one requires a bit more work to get working because it’s not available in Cydia as a convenient package. Check out this video on Vimeo for a quick demonstration!

First, you have to download Flappy Doge here. Yes, it’s just an image file.

Here are the instructions via the author’s Reddit thread:

1) If game is running, quit from multitasker

2) Save and rename the above download to “atlas.png” and make sure the extension stays at .png

3) Using iFile, save the new image to your phone, delete the old one located in “/var/mobile/Applications/”Flappy Bird”/” (or rename to “atlas_old.png”) then paste the new one in its place

4) Confirm that the new “atlas.png” file is a proper .png file (click the (i) and see that it’s “atlas.png” not “atlas.png.png” or “atlas.jpg”)

5) Exit iFile and run game!

Super Mario Bird

L1r3m4HSuper Mario Bird is exactly what you expect: a Super Mario themed Flappy Bird. This is fitting, considering the game’s emphasis on pipes. Since the author of this theme packaged his a bit differently, you’re going to have to follow different instructions to get it working.

  1. Open this link on your iPhone/iPad/iPod
  2. Click on download
  3. Click on “Open in iFile”. You will be redirected to iFile and can see the ZIP folder called “Super Mario”
  4. Click on this ZIP folder and click “Unarchiver”
  5. You will now have a real folder called “Super Mario Bird”
  6. Click on “Edit” on the upper right corner of iFile and mark the folder
  7. Click on the clipboard icon in the lower right corner and click on “Cut”
  8. Click on “Done”
  9. Go to /var/stash/themes
  10. Click on “Edit” and the clipboard again, but this time tap “Paste”
  11. Close iFile, go to Winterboard and activate “Super Mario Bird” there
  12. Respring

And that’s it. Head over to the forums and let us know what you think of these or share your high score!

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