Steve Jobs wanted Mac OS X on Sony VAIO Laptops

vaio2According to a post written by Nobuyuki Hayashi, a Japanese journalist who has been covering Apple for decades, Steve Jobs was at one time interested in putting Mac OS X on Sony’s VAIO line of laptops. Ex-Sony president Kunitake Ando went to Hawaii in 2001 to play a round of Golf with Steve Jobs, and what happened will probable surprise you.

Most of Sony’s executives spends their winter vacation in Hawaii and play golf after celebrating new year. In one of those new year golf competitions back in 2001, ” Steve Jobs and another Apple executive were waiting for us at the end of golf course holding VAIO running Mac OS” recalls Ando; 2001 is the year, Mac OS X shipped and I am speculating this is Intel-version of Mac OS X, they hid for four and half years since then.

Steve Jobs was very avidly against putting OS X on non-Apple hardware, but Sony’s VAIO line were apparently the exception.


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