Apple commemorates Mac’s 30th birthday in new short video

Super Bowl Sunday is an annual tradition in the United States that involves relaxing with family and friends over a game of football. But each and every year, the emphasis seems to shift further away from the game and closer towards iconic TV commercials and the half-time show…

With an average viewership of over 113 million people for the latest Super Bowl, an official record, the early leads that the Seattle Seahawks managed to earn made the rest of the actual game that much less interesting. So, what about commercials? Apple, interestingly, chose to skimp out on running a Super Bowl ad this year, instead releasing the following video to its official YouTube channel.

The nearly one-and-a-half minute commercial spot follows a similar script to TV ads for the iPad and other Apple products, where various uses of the devices such as healthcare, recreation and travelling are highlighted with inspiring music in the backdrop. It’s a nice campaign.

It might not have aired during the Super Bowl, but what do you think?

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