Question of the day: Should I jailbreak my iPad?

Question of the day: Should I jailbreak my iPad?

ipad airiFans forum member chaofan writes:

Hi guys, just a quick question. My iPad 1 runs faster than a speeding snail. Would it be better if I download Cydia tweaks (if so, which ones?) or if I wipe, restore and not jailbreak the iPad?

Good question. Jailbreaking in itself does not fundamentally slow down the speed of an iPad, and there are a number of useful tweaks available on Cydia for tracking things like free RAM and other system information. As such, my recommendation is definitely in favor of jailbreaking the device. I would definitely look into tweaks like Activator and SBSettingsā€¦Ā 

As far as specific tweaks are concerned, it is hard to make suggestions since the original iPad can only be updated to iOS 5.1.1. Most tweaks available on Cydia require at least iOS 6 or later these days, with many others being exclusively for iOS 7 devices. But I would certainly advise looking into iCleaner Pro if it is compatible. Be prepared to restore if something goes wrong.

iFans has an active jailbreaking community that can help answer your questions further, as you have taken advantage of. If you have your own legitimate problems with an iOS device, or any Apple product in general, be sure to check out our dedicated iOS forum and iPhone forum.

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