Yet another iPhone spontaneously catches fire

iphone 5cApple makes excellent hardware, but many a story about the Cupertino corporation’s devices have unfortunately been about them catching fire. Today, the Portland Press Herald reports that this time it’s the iPhone 5c that sporadically burst into flames. An eighth-grade student was treated for second-degree burns following the incident, and her previously green iPhone 5c is now black.

A middle school student in Kennebunk suffered second-degree burns Friday when her iPhone caught fire in her pants pocket just before a class, said her family and school officials.

The eighth-grader sustained burns on one thigh and her back, and was taken to Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford for treatment.

iphone 5c

Apple doesn’t typically come out with an official statement under the circumstance of similar incidents, but the company typically shrugs the problem off as caused by 3rd party accessories. This is the first iPhone 5c that we’ve seen with this problem, but the iPhone 4 had a similar problem a few times.

[Portland Press Herald via TechnoBuffalo]

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